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Which ATVs are the best for summer riding adventures?

Which ATVs are the best for summer riding adventures?

As the winter months are drawing to a close, the days are getting longer, and the weather is getting warmer. Most people are already starting to think about what they are going to do this summer. As you’re starting to plan out fun activities to fill your summer days, don’t forget to add ATV riding adventures to your list of things to do.

An ATV is a particular type of vehicle, also known as an All-Terrain Vehicle which is a motor vehicle that is primarily used on off-road trails. There are different types of ATVs on the market, from quad bikes to side by sides so there are different ways you can enjoy miles of trails this summer. Whether you are a group of experienced riders or are a family simply looking for some new summer adventures, ATV riding is a great way to fill up those long summer days with a ton of adrenaline and fun!

Best ATVs for summer riding adventures

The kind of ATVs you want for summer depends less on the season, and more on what you want to get out of riding. All ATVs are designed to perform well in virtually all weather conditions so the only summer riding tip we can offer is modifying your ATV in consequence of the terrain you’ll visit.

There are different models of ATVs depending on your riding intentions. For example, there are utility ATVs if you plan on using them for work, there are sport ATVs created for the adrenaline seekers, and there are youth ATVs for the younger crowd. Since these vehicles can be modified, you can start the summer with a standard ATV and enhance your driving experience at will.

Customize your ATV


Why ATVs Are Great to Ride in the Summer

ATV tours are perfect for a day of adventure during the summer. Although ATVs can be modified to adapt to any season, summer remains the best time for ATV enthusiasts for various reasons:

  • The weather
  • The surroundings
  • Camping
  • Gets kids outside
  • Make friends
  • Relieve stress

The Weather

Unsurprisingly, the warm summer weather makes for great riding adventures. Whilst there is no doubt that riding in the mud and rain can be exciting, it does not compete with the pure joy of summertime ATV riding. Additionally, ATV riding can be treacherous during the Canadian winter since certain obstacles are dissimulated underneath the snow, unlike summer where the road trails are clear for observation.

When you ride in the summer under the heat of the sun, you can enjoy all that the wilderness has to offer without having to worry about getting covered head to toe in mud. Instead, once you have finished your riding adventure, you can hop off your vehicle and enjoy a nice refreshing beverage in the sun.

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The Surroundings

ATV trails are inherently located off the beaten track and are therefore embedded deep in the wilderness of some of the most impressive landscapes in North America. After months of winter, there is nothing like miles of trails behind an ATV to appreciate the vibrant green found in our forests.

A lot of road trails have huge bodies of water near them that can be reached, and that are perfect to cool off during a warm summer day. Other road trails are on mountainous terrains where the air is fresh and the view scenic. As you can see, an ATV is an ultimate passport to a great summer since it can drive you practically anywhere.

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One of the best things about choosing to visit ATV trails in the summer is the fact that you can elevate your regular camping trips to a whole new level. For many, camping trips are a yearly tradition, but they can get a bit repetitive. Camping at an ATV trail is the solution to this situation.

Summer is undoubtedly the best time to plan an  ATV camping trip as the weather ensures you won’t be left with a soggy tent and moody campers. There are plenty of places that provide hybrid camping ATV experiences such as the Blue Mountain Lake ATV Club so do your research and find a place that works for you!

If you want to make this camping trip the ultimate trip, you could even combine ATV riding with other unique adventures that you don’t get the chance to embark on every day. For instance, there are plenty of locations across North America that offer a combination of horseback adventures, ATV rides, or fishing trips, such as the Paiute ATV Trail. Combining camping trips and ATV into a single outing is a great way to get everyone involved.


Gets Kids Outside

With all the online distractions that we have in this 21st century digital age, it can be difficult to get the youth of today outside during summertime. ATV riding can change that. Summer is meant to be spent outside so if you are struggling to get your kids outside, we suggest introducing them to ATVs.

You cannot ride if you are under 16 but if you have grouchy teens that you cannot get out of the house, ATV riding might be the perfect solution. If you have younger kids that you want to get outside, consider dirt bikes as they do not need a license and they are a great segway into ATV riding.

If you have an older teen that is spending a bit too much time in front of their computer or smartphone, a little bit of vitamin ATV can transform your indoor gamer into an outdoor adrenaline junkie who is more than happy to spend their summer vacation outside in the fresh air instead of cooped up inside.


Make Friends

Just like motorcycle clubs, ATV clubs exist and they are considered to be a highlight of the ATV community. If you are worried about entering into the ATV world with no other ATV buddies, do not worry about it as you will make plenty of friends the second you start your engine on a trail.

Summer is the best time to make friends since most people are out and about for a good time and ATV club trails are full. ATV riders might seem intimidating at first but they are some of the nicest people around and will be sure to have your back on the trails.


Relieves Stress

Taking time off to spend it with friends or family is a great way to relieve stress. The daily pressures of working life can build up and cause a lot of tension in a person's life so it is essential that you find time for yourself and there’s no better time to do that than in the summertime with an ATV on hand.

Embarking on an ATV trip is a brilliant way to relieve stress because for a few hours a day you are completely immersed in riding and have nothing else to think or worry about. In addition to the pure thrill of riding, all ATV trails are picturesque and beautiful, which helps to take your mind off the urban working hamster wheel.

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