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Best ATV trails in the USA

Best ATV trails in the USA

The United States has some of the best ATV trails in the world, with terrains varying from forest to sand dunes, there is something for everyone, at every skill level. There are miles of trails in the USA, so if you are looking for somewhere to dust off your wheels and go on an ATV adventure, the USA is the place.

In order to help you pick amongst the vast ATV trail system the United States has to offer, we have created this expert guide to the best trail systems and ATV riding areas in the USA. Certainly, one of these destinations will grab your attention.


What are the best ATV trails in the United States?

Here are some of the best ATV trails in the United States:

  1. Aroostook County Trails
  2. Hatfield McCoy Trails
  3. Tall Pines ATV Park
  4. Moab Trails
  5. The Paiute Trails
  6. Imperial Sand Dunes
  7. Little O Trail
  8. Ocala National Forest
  9. Marble Falls
  10. Sawtooth National Forest

Virtually every state in America has a handful of amazing ATV trails, meaning you likely won’t have to travel too far for a great experience. Whatever you are looking for, the USA ATV trails have got you covered. The road trails you can find South of the border vary in biomes depending on the riding area, therefore it's imperative you do some planning before heading down there so that you can customize your ATV according to the terrain.


1. Aroostook County Trails

Aroostook County is in Maine, a beautiful state with some of the most stunning landscapes and scenery. It is right by the Quebec - US border, making it a riding area of predilection for a weekend ATV adventure. It is also a favorite spot for ATV enthusiasts as Aroostook County has over 1200 miles (1931 km) of ATV marked trails.

Once there you can keep busy for days on end and discover a new part of the ATV trails every day. Its path will lead you through forests, bogs, water crossings, and mountainous terrains. Aroostook County has many bodies of water that you can appreciate from a vantage point, or simply by jumping in to clean and cool yourself off. There are many camping sites you can stay in to thoroughly explore its miles of trails.

The best time of year to visit this trail is between April and October. Although the later on in the year you go, the colder it gets, we recommend going towards the end of the season to enjoy the spectacular changing colors of the leaves in fall.

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2. Hatfield McCoy Trails

The Hatfield McCoy Trails are an extremely popular set of ATV routes that are embedded and set against the Appalachian mountains, providing a stunning view from the trail. Located in Virginia and open to the public throughout the year, it is a favorite of the ATV or UTV crowd for the altitude and inclines its miles of trails offers.

Although not as big as some of the trails in the US, it still has an impressive 750 miles (1207 km) worth of trails, split into 8 distinct trails, all of differing levels of difficulty. It is therefore the perfect place to go with groups who have varying levels of experience as there are trails for absolute beginners and seasoned vets.


3. Tall Pines ATV Park

Whether you live in NYC and want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, or if you are visiting the Big Apple and are looking for something more adrenaline-pumping, the Tall Pines ATV Park is what you’re looking for.

This ATV adventure park has 70 miles of trails that will take your breath away. Although you could just visit for the day, if you want to get your proper fix of North-Eastern ATV riding, there are also campsites available at reasonable prices to make it a proper ATV adventure with friends or family. The price of entry is $26.50 for Virginia residents and $50.00 for visitors.


4. Moab ATV Trails

The scenery surrounding the Moab ATV Trails in Utah is unlike anything else. Sand dunes, national parks, and canyons make this an extremely impressive riding area to embark on some ATV trail systems. It is important to go prepared for these ATV trails as while most of the routes are accessible to the majority of people and off-road vehicles, there are a few trails that require full 4x4 capabilities. If you are planning on going down to Utah with your ATV or UTV, you should carry much more water with you for safety reasons.


5. The Paiute ATV Trail

If you find yourself in Utah for the Moab Trail, you simply cannot miss the Paiute ATV Trail, the biggest trail system in the United States. While Moab is impressive, it is not 2,000 miles of trails long impressive. Utah has some of the most gorgeous national parks in the United States.

Of course, with 2,000 miles of land area to cover, you encounter some of the most stunning landscapes and some of the most unique terrain that you will not have the luxury of experiencing anywhere else. While one minute you might be soaring through rich dense forests, the next you could be running parallel to beautiful lakes to then leap off huge rock formations and dunes. The bumpy roads will make you feel like a cowboy!

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6. Imperial Sand Dunes

California is home to the Imperial Sand Dunes which provide a truly unique ATV experience. The dunes are open to visitors all year, and there are 20,000 acres to explore. These are the largest sand dunes in California and the largest recreational dunes in the USA, so they are unrivaled for ATV riders. If you would like to take on the impressive 300 feet tall dunes, you might have some onlookers as it is a popular spot for people to gather on the weekend to watch the riders do their thing!


7. Little O ATV Trail

Based in Michigan, the Little O ATV Trail is a great beginner’s trail, perfect for new riders who are seeking the thrill of off-road driving without pushing their limits too far. This ATV trail is 41 miles and forms in one continuous loop. This main circular ATV route is connected to hundreds of miles of trails, making it one of the most intricate trail systems in the USA.

Just like many of the other trails mentioned on this list, if you visit Michigan for the Little O ATV trail, you will encounter a vast array of landscapes and terrain for an enjoyable trip. It is the perfect spot for Canadians living in Ontario to go for a weekend ATV adventure given its proximity to the border.

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8. Ocala National Forest Trails

Within the Ocala National Forest in Florida, you will have the option of three different and distinct ATV or UTV trails to enjoy. The Ocala centennial OHV trail, the Ocala North OHV trail, and the Wiregrass trail are three popular riding areas perfect for off-road vehicle drivers who are looking for a bit of variety.

Although located extremely close to each other, these three immense trails do not actually connect, meaning you can keep coming back to enjoy each of them. The trails are flat most of the way and are not intended for extremely fast-paced riding ATV drivers. A slower speed is requested to preserve the landscape and wildlife that resides along the ATV routes, ensuring the overall experience is ethical. Thanks to the Florida weather, these trails are open all year so you have plenty of time to plan the perfect ATV adventure.


9. Marble Falls

Marble Falls is located in Texas and is an extremely accommodating trail. The trail is 240 miles (386 km) long so it has different kinds of terrain along the trail meaning each section of your ride will be different and you can choose the terrains that best suit your vehicle and riding style. From loose dirt tracks to solid rock sections, Marble Falls is perfect for those seeking an adrenaline rush in USA’s largest state.


10. Sawtooth National Forest

Sawtooth National Forest has some of the best scenery Idaho has to offer, making it an enjoyable place to ride. Offering both ATV and motorbike trails, there are hundreds of miles of trails to explore for riders. If you are an experienced rider looking for a trail that only has other experienced riders around and do not want to have to deal with potentially slow and inexperienced ATV riders, this is the trail for you. 

This is a very technically advanced trail, meaning only those who really know what they are doing should tackle the Sawtooth National Forest. If you want to make more of a holiday of your riding trip, Sawtooth National Forest is the place to go as their comfortable lodging options are in close proximity to hot springs and swimming holes.


Get Ready to Visit an ATV Trail in the USA

Before you pick the perfect ATV trail to visit and book your trip, you first need to make sure that your vehicle will perform adequately in the terrain you select. To fully enjoy many of the trails listed above, you will likely need to modify your ATV to increase your traction or enhance your comfort for long rides.

Whether you want to install bigger tires and need wheel spacers or think your vehicle would benefit from a lift kit, Perfex Industries offers premium equipment for ATVs at the best price on the market. Perfex Industries was created by ATV enthusiasts to deliver the best service to those that share their passion.

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