Elevate Your CFMoto ZForce Adventure

Welcome to the ultimate collection of accessories for the CFMoto ZForce series at PERFEX Industries. Enhance your off-road experience with our premium quality products, specifically designed for ZForce models.


Customized Lift Kits for Peak Performance

Discover lift kits engineered for ZForce 500, 800, 1000, and the new 950 G2, ensuring optimal fit and performance.


Advanced LED Bars for Enhanced Visibility

Illuminate your path with our durable, high-efficiency LED bars, perfect for any terrain.


Precision Wheel Spacers for Stability and Style

Improve your vehicle's balance and appearance with our precision wheel spacers, crafted for maximum durability and aesthetic appeal.


Durable Synthetic Winch Cables for Tough Situations

Equip your ZForce with our strong synthetic winch cables, designed for reliability and resilience in challenging conditions.


Unmatched Quality and Reliability

At PERFEX, we're dedicated to providing ZForce enthusiasts with accessories that blend functionality and style, upholding the highest standards of quality. Upgrade your ride and explore with unparalleled freedom.