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CAN-AM Aftermarket Parts & Accessories

Step into the world of Perfex Industries, your trusted partner for top-notch Can-Am lift kits. Our state-of-the-art products are crafted to transform your vehicle into an off-road champion, whether it's a Can-Am Outlander, Maverick X3, Defender, or other models. Our lift kits deliver an unparalleled increase in ride height, gearing up your vehicle for superior performance.

Transform your ride: Perfex Industries lift kit optimized for Can-Am

Our Can-Am lift kits are not just about lifting your vehicle. They offer the ultimate combination of ground clearance and ride comfort, enabling you to conquer any terrain fearlessly. Larger tires? They're no longer an issue with the extra clearance provided by our lift kits.

Can-Am lift kits engineered for perfection: Can-Am Maverick X3, Outlander, and Defender lift kits

Each of our lift kits is precision-engineered with the specific characteristics of Can-Am models in mind, including Maverick X3, Outlander, and Defender. Our kits include everything you need for a hassle-free installation: rear lift brackets, ball joints, pivot joints, and all required tools. Gear up for a smoother, more responsive ride and enhanced suspension performance.

Here are some of the Can Am lift kits available on our website:

Uncover the advantages of Perfex's Can-Am lift kit: Superior ground clearance, comfortable ride height and peak performance

Perfex Industries’ Can-Am lift kits are synonymous with multiple benefits. Our kits offer increased ground clearance, improved ride comfort, and optimal transmission performance through effective gear reduction. And for your peace of mind, all our lift kits come with a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects, ensuring a transparent and efficient purchase and return process.

Ready to ignite your off-road adventures? Purchase your Can-Am lift kit today!

Our customer-centric ethos makes purchasing a breeze. Coupled with our competitive pricing strategy, your desired Can-Am lift kit is within easy reach.

Take the next step in your off-road journey! Upgrade with a Perfex Can-Am lift kit now!

Join our growing family of contented customers and experience the difference a Perfex Industries lift kit can bring to your Can-Am vehicle. Elevate your ride, amplify performance, and experience unprecedented ground clearance today. There's no time to wait — 

Enhance your off-road journey now with a Can-Am lift kit!

Customized solutions: Tailor-made lift kits for your Can-Am ATV

Are you seeking a lift kit tailored to your specific Can-Am ATV model? At Perfex Industries, we offer specialized lift kits designed for a wide range of models including Can-Am: 

Each lift kit is meticulously designed to enhance the vehicle's suspension lift, keeping your vehicle's performance, ride height, and ground clearance in mind.

Optimal Protection: Our Can-Am Lift Kits Protect Your Undercarriage

Off-road terrain can be rough on your vehicle, especially the undercarriage. Our lift kits not only raise your vehicle’s ground clearance but also provide optimal undercarriage protection. With the Perfex lift kit, your Can-Am's differentials, axle, and transmission are shielded, maintaining the integrity of your off-road beast.

Impenetrable defense: Complete protection for your vehicle with our Can Am lift kit

At Perfex, we offer a comprehensive range of protection models including:

They are specially designed to shield your Can-Am ATV’s undercarriage from the shocks and rough terrains, extending the life of your vehicle. With our protection products, your Can-Am Defender or Maverick Turbo will stand up to any off-road challenge.

Secure your footing: Oversized footpegs for your Can-Am

Our Oversized Footpegs offer the perfect balance between comfort and grip for your Can-Am Maverick Sport or Renegade. Made from durable steel, they are designed to accommodate any personal riding style. Experience the true form of control and stability while navigating through tough terrains.

Maximize comfort: Perfex suspension lift kits for smooth rides

Our Can-Am ATV suspension lift kits are meticulously engineered to offer a smooth ride, irrespective of the terrain. Offering a variety of ride settings, they allow for easy customization to suit your personal riding style. Be it the Can-Am Maverick X3 or Renegade, our suspension kits ensure a comfortable and performance-oriented journey.

Expand Your Horizons: Wheel Spacers for the Can-Am ATVs

Our wheel spacers, compatible with the Can-Am Maverick Max and others, offer improved stability and an aggressive look. By extending the width of your vehicle, they ensure better handling and performance, especially during sharp turns or slopes.

Your Warranty, Our Assurance: Lifetime Warranty Against Manufacturing Defects

We stand behind the quality of our products. That’s why we offer a lifetime warranty against manufacturing defects on our Can-Am lift kits. Our warranties cover everything from brackets to ball joints, ensuring you're covered if an unexpected issue arises.

Aim Higher, Ride Smoother: Larger Tires for Your Lifted Can-Am

Looking to install larger tires on your Can-Am ATV? With Perfex lift kits, you can easily accommodate them, resulting in better ground clearance and a smoother ride. Plus, the performance boost from larger tires can make a significant difference on off-road terrains.

Take the Advantage: The All-New 2” Bracket Can Am Lift Kit

Revolutionize your off-road experience with our all-new 2” Bracket Can-Am Lift Kit, engineered for the Can-Am Renegade and other models. Along with the essential tools, Mechanics Tools, and Repair Tools, this kit is designed to provide an elevated ride height without compromising the form or ride quality

Quick & efficient installation: All tools included with your Can-Am lift kit

We want your Can-Am lift kit installation to be as smooth as your ride. Each Perfex lift kit includes all the tools required for a straightforward installation process. This ensures your vehicle will be ready to conquer off-road challenges in no time.

Customer Satisfaction, Our Priority: Purchase Your Can-Am Lift Kit with Confidence

Our team at Perfex Industries is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service. From pre-purchase queries to after-sale support, we ensure a seamless process. Let's upgrade your Can-Am vehicle together – Purchase your lift kit today!

Don’t just dream about adventures, live them: Upgrade your Can-Am with a Perfex lift kit today!

Elevate your off-road experience to a whole new level. Make the switch to Perfex Industries' lift kits and experience superior ground clearance, enhanced performance, and a smoother ride. Unleash the true potential of your Can-Am vehicle – Order your lift kit today!

Elevate your ride: Unleash the power of Perfex Industries Can-Am accessories

Welcome to Perfex Industries, the one-stop-shop for your Can-Am vehicle's aftermarket needs. Our diverse product range, designed with performance in mind, guarantees to transform your Can-Am Defender, Maverick X3, or Commander into an off-road master.

Experience the ultimate in Can-Am lift kits with Perfex

At Perfex Industries, we strive to offer top-quality Can-Am products at competitive prices. We believe in the quality of our products, that's why we ensure a hassle-free return process for our customers. So, get ready to enhance the performance and durability of your Can-Am vehicle with our premium accessories, and experience the true meaning of off-road adventure today!

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