Last Updated: February 07, 2024

At PERFEX Industries, we assure our customers that our products are free from manufacturing defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and service, for the period stated in our warranty policy. This warranty is valid only for the original purchaser and becomes void in cases of misuse, abuse, accidents, attachment of unauthorized accessories, product alterations, improper installation, exposure to severe environmental conditions, lack of maintenance, or unauthorized repairs.

Additionally, this warranty does not cover normal wear-and-tear. It's important to note that any tampering with the product, such as opening it or removing or altering stickers, will also void the warranty. In all instances, PERFEX Industries is not liable for incidental, consequential, or special damages. All other warranties, including implied warranties of fitness for a particular purpose and merchantability, are expressly excluded.

Types of Warranties

We stand behind the quality and durability of our products. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our comprehensive warranty offerings, designed to provide you with peace of mind and ensure your satisfaction. We are proud to offer three levels of protection for our manufactured products

Products Duration Information


All products categorized under 'Accessories' come with a One-Year Limited Warranty.


All 'Lighting' products are backed by a Five-Year Limited Warranty.


All 'Protection' products are covered by a One-Year Limited Warranty.

Suspension and Wheel Spacers:

Our 'Suspension' and 'Wheel Spacers' products come with a Lifetime Structural Warranty.

Warranty Exclusions

Please be aware that our warranty does not cover claims for damages, installation time or labor charges, economic losses, inconvenience, transportation, towing, downtime, or any direct, indirect, or consequential damages resulting from a defect. Additionally, the warranty does not apply to products that have been improperly applied or installed. It is crucial that all PERFEX Industries products are installed and used in accordance with our guidelines to ensure valid warranty coverage.

Limitations of Liability

PERFEX Industries Inc. is not liable for any indirect or consequential damages resulting from the breach of this limited warranty or any other warranty, whether expressed or implied.

Change to the Warranty Policy

We reserves the right to modify this warranty policy at any time.

Claim Process

To make a warranty claim, please us the form below. Our team will guide you through the resolution process.

Please ensure to provide as accurate and honest information as possible. We utilize the details you provide to understand and, if necessary, improve our products.


If your product encounters an issue covered under our warranty, we are here to assist. Please fill out the form below to begin the warranty claim process.