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CFMoto CForce ATV Lift Kits & Accessories

Explore PERFEX Industries' premium ATV accessories for CFMoto CForce series - 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000. Specializing in high-quality lift kits, skid plates, wheel spacers, and more. Elevate your CFMoto CForce experience with our durable, performance-enhancing products. Perfect for off-road adventures. Shop Now!

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Enhance Your CFMoto CForce Riding Experience


Welcome to PERFEX Industries' exclusive collection for the CFMoto CForce series. Our accessories are meticulously designed to maximize your CForce's performance and style.


Custom Lift Kits for Superior Performance

Elevate your CForce's capabilities with our precision-engineered lift kits, ensuring a seamless fit and enhanced off-road experience.


High-Intensity LED Bars for Optimal Visibility

Illuminate your path with our robust LED bars, designed for the rugged adventures of the CForce.


Wheel Spacers for Improved Stability

Transform your CForce's stance and handling with our high-quality wheel spacers, adding both function and flair.


Strong Synthetic Winch Cables for Reliable Recovery

Equip your CForce with our tough synthetic winch cables, built to handle challenging recoveries with ease.


Commitment to Quality and Innovation

At PERFEX, we dedicate ourselves to providing CForce enthusiasts with top-tier accessories that blend innovative design with exceptional quality. Gear up your CForce for adventure with our trusted range of products.

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