ATV owners are aware that their vehicles can be effective, multipurpose instruments for both work and recreation. However, they could have problems with clearance, stability, and traction on difficult terrain. This is where wheel spacers, a vital item that can greatly improve an ATV's performance, come into play. Wheel spacers increase the track's width and allow for the installation of wider tires, increasing stability and clearance. Both seasoned riders and utility ATV users favour them since they are inexpensive yet practical equipment.

In this post, we'll examine the advantages of ATV wheel spacers and go through the several factors, including size, material, and compatibility, to take into account when selecting the best wheel spacers for your vehicle. We will also offer advice for various riding disciplines, such as off-road, snow, and mud riding.

Learn how ATV wheel spacers can progress your ATV and enhance your ride

Whether you prefer blasting through muddy terrains or cruising down smooth highways. ATV wheel spacers are the practical equipment that you need 


What are wheel spacers?

The wheel spacer was designed to extend wheel width for greater stability, increased safety and a more aggressive look. It will be installed onto your wheel assembly. By slotting between the assembly and the wheel, it will create a gap that sets the wheel farther outward. This increases the space between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel itself. It's important to note that the spacer doesn't move the assembly, it only moves the wheel.

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Why install wheel spacers on your ATV?

There are many reasons why installing front and rear-wheel spacers can improve your ATV and its performances in different conditions.

Spacers increase your ATV's clearance for a bigger ATV wheel

Wheel spacers increase the clearance between the wheels and other components of your ATV, such as the fender, brake lines, or suspension parts. If the tire makes contact with any part other than the rim or the ground while running, it may lead to damages to other pieces of your vehicle.

Increased stability when riding on rough terrains or slopes

A wider wheelbase gives you better stability and prevents your ATV from rolling over to its side after a collision or on a slope.

Give you the clearance you need to install tire chains

It isn't uncommon to have clearance issues when installing tire chains: the chains end up hitting brake lines, inner fenders, sometimes even the suspension. One or two inches of extra clearance should be enough to use tire chains without breaking any other pieces of equipment.

Your vehicle will look better than ever thanks to ATV wheel spacers

In our opinion, nothing beats the look of an ATV with larger wheels. The wheel spacing gives the all-terrain vehicle a more aggressive profile and better performances: what more can you ask for?

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Are ATV wheel spacers safe?

Absolutely! When installed correctly, top-notch ATV and/or UTV wheel spacers are totally dependable. Each one offers a stabilized, manufacturer-quality match with no looseness or shaking. Forged on an exactitude CNC machine, from unshakable 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Billet material, our wheel spacers will be resilient, extremely durable, light weight and immune to degradation. Put this with some high-end grade 12.9 wheel studs, and you have a spacer that was fashioned to last.

Perfex's quality wheel spacers are perfectly safe as long as they're installed carefully. Each pair of wheel spacers comes with all you need for a direct bolt-on application and come with a limited 90-day warranty on manufacturer default. Make sure to use the provided wheel lug nuts, wheel studs, and bolts. If you plan to use them for a long time period, make sure to check them occasionally to ensure their condition.


Are ATV wheel spacers expensive?

Good quality ATV wheel spacers can become expensive, but they stay way more affordable than buying new rims! All the spacers sold by Perfex Industries are made out of durable aluminum and have a price point below $80 per pair. Even better, the installation is one of the easiest of any products in the industry.

At the end of the day, are spacers worth it?

Wheels spacers can be very useful, and are an affordable option if you are looking to install bigger tires and increase your stability. They have some drawbacks, of course, but at their price point and considering the advantages they bring to ATV drivers, we believe that our quality products are a great investment. With all the necessary hardware included (wheel studs, bolts, placers), you can rest assured that the spacers will last for a long time and won't have clearance issues.


Does Perfex Industries have ATV tire spacers for every brand?

Perfex Industries manufactures top-of-the-line ATV wheel spacers for all major all-terrain vehicles in North America. With the objective of offering a great experience to our clients, all of our tire spaces are direct bolt-on, so installing them can be done in less than an hour. Made out of durable aluminum, our spacers are the best choice for anyone looking to improve the stability and increase the clearance of their ATV.

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What are the factors to consider when choosing ATV Wheel Spacers? 

For ATV riders' overall riding comfort, tire clearance, and stability, picking the optimum wheel spacers is essential. When choosing the appropriate wheel spacers for your machine, there are a number of things to take into account.

Choosing the right size for your ATV Wheel Spacers

First off, choosing the right wheel spacers for your wheels requires careful consideration of their size. In order to choose the proper size of the wheel spacers, riders must measure the bolt pattern and hub diameter of their ATV wheels. This procedure makes sure the spacers are securely fastened to the machine and fit tightly, offering the right support for bigger tires and a broader stance. It is crucial to remember that the usage of wheel spacers might change the machine's suspension and steering geometry, which could result in possible damages if improperly mounted.

Choosing the right material for your ATV Wheel Spacers

The material utilized is a crucial consideration when selecting ATV wheel spacers. Wheel spacers can be made from a variety of materials, including steel and aluminum, and each has advantages and disadvantages. Aluminum is good for off-road performance since it is lightweight, whereas steel is more strong and offers higher durability over time. The choice of material is determined by the rider's riding style and planned use for the item.

Choosing a model that is compatible with your ATV

Another important factor to take into account when choosing ATV wheel spacers is compatibility. The make and model of the ATV that the rider is using must be compatible with the wheel spacers. If compatibility is not verified, it may result in problems including poor fit, deterioration of other ATV parts like wheel bearings and ball joints, and brake line damage. To lessen these risks and assure compatibility with a variety of ATVs, riders can and should choose wheel spacers from recognised producers. 

Look for the bolt pattern on your ATV wheel spacers

The most important aspect of compatibility is the bolt pattern. The bolt pattern is the number of lug nuts on the wheel and the distance between them. The wheel spacers must have the same bolt pattern as your ATV's wheels to fit properly. If the bolt pattern is not the same, the wheel spacers will not fit on your ATV's wheels and you will not be able to install them.

Advantages offered by installing ATV wheel spacers

The appropriate ATV wheel spacers offer various advantages to the rider, including a wider stance. It may be simpler to ride on muddy trails or uneven terrain thanks to the larger wheels' increased stability and traction and wider stance. 

Riders can also install larger tires thanks to the extra clearance provided by the wheel spacers, which enhances the overall performance of the ride. Wheel spacers can also lessen tire wear, stop fender rubs, and give the ATV a more aggressive appearance.

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Risks involved with the installation of ATV wheel spacers

However, utilizing ATV wheel spacers has drawbacks. Particularly for inexperienced riders, the extra width can increase the chance of rolling over on bumpy terrain or in tight turns. Wheel spacers may also increase the strain on suspension parts, hastening their deterioration. To make a wise choice, it is critical to examine the advantages and disadvantages of employing wheel spacers and speak with professionals.

Potential legal issues

Make sure that the use of wheel spacers on your ATV is legal in your area. Some states or municipalities have regulations regarding the width of ATVs, and installing wheel spacers may put you in violation of these regulations.

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Suggestions for various ATV models and riding techniques

It's critical to take into account the sort of ATV and riding style you'll be employing when selecting the best wheel spacers for your ATV. Here are some suggestions for various ATV models and riding techniques:

Recommendations for utility ATVs used for work purposes

Stability and durability are essential for utility ATVs because they are frequently utilised for transporting and work. Wheel spacers are advised for this kind of ATV as they offer additional clearance and are useful in circumstances where you might run into rocks or other debris. Due to its superb stability and use of high-quality materials, Moose Racing Wheel Spacers are a fantastic product to think about for a workhorse ATV. Also, it's crucial to check that the wheel spacers fit your ATV properly and have enough area for the wheel bearings.

Recommendations for sport ATVs used for racing or recreational riding

Wheel spacers can help sport ATVs that are used for racing or leisurely riding handle and stabilize better. It is advised to use wheel spacers wider than the track width of the ATV since they increase stability and improve handling. Sport ATVs are a fantastic fit for Performance Machine Off-Road Wheel Spacers because they are made to resist fast speeds and severe riding. Wider stances can, however, also raise the chance of rollovers, so it's advisable to exercise caution and make sure you are an experienced rider.

Recommendations for mud and off-road riding

The correct wheel spacers can assist provide the extra traction that tires for off-road and mud riding need. Wheel spacers that allow for larger tires are advised for this kind of riding since they increase traction and stability in muddy terrain. Wheel spacers with more clearance are also essential to avoid excessive movement that could result in suspension and ball joints suffering early damage. For this kind of riding, Moose Racing Wheel Spacers are a wonderful choice because they provide exceptional clearance and durability.

Recommendations for snow riding

Wheel spacers need to be used with extra care when riding in the snow. To improve stability on steep hills, it is advised to utilise wheel spacers that are wider than the ATV track width. In order to preserve proper steering geometry, it's also crucial to make sure that the wheel spacers are the suitable size and amount of offset. When riding in snow, it is best to be cautious and make sure you have enough room to avoid damaging your fender or brake lines. For this kind of riding, Performance Machine Off-Road Wheel Spacers are a wonderful choice since they provide exceptional traction and stability on tracks covered in snow.

Every style of riding deserves its specific decision towards ATV wheel spacers!

The appropriate wheel spacers can significantly improve your ATV's riding performance in many different ways and its overall style. However, you should make sure to choose the appropriate wheel spacers for your ATV and riding style by taking into account the size, material, compatibility, and benefits of each product when choosing wheel spacers.

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