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POLARIS General UTV Lift Kits & Accessories

Are you ready to take your off-road adventures to the next level with a lift kit for your recreational vehicle? Look no further than the Polaris General Lift Kit.

Whether you're looking to fit larger tires, increase clearance, or conquer the nastiest trails, this lift kit has you covered.

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What are the benefits of using a lift kit?

A lift kit can give your vehicle a number of benefits for off-road performance, including:

  • Extra ground clearance for conquering obstacles on the trails.
  • Ability to fit larger tires for improved traction and stability.
  • A taller ride for a more commanding view of the terrain.
  • Improved performance for the rear lift and shock absorption.

Additionally, the the lift kit is specifically designed to enhance the performance of your machine. With its trusted quality and durability, this product is making your vehicle more capable of handling the toughest off-road conditions.


About the Polaris General Lift Kit

Product details of ourPolaris General accessories and lift kit:

  • 100% Proudly Made in Canada;
  • Perfect to Install Bigger & Wider Tires/Wheels;
  • Increase Front Ground Clearance of 3.00”;
  • Increase Rear Ground Clearance of 3.00”;
  • Run up to 31" Tires;
  • Extremely Durable Construction;
  • Powder Coated for Best Durability;
  • Directly Bolt-on Application;
  • Takes About 2 Hours to Install;
  • Complete with All Necessary Hardware (Grade 8.8) and Easy-to-Follow Instructions;
  • Designed to Properly Limit Droop Travel to Ensure Axles aren't Overextended;

Inside the Polaris General Lift Kit:

Front lift components

Real lift components:

Polaris General accessories

The Polaris general lift kit is built to last and measures true to size, so you can trust that you're getting the lift height that is advertised

How is this Polaris lift kit going to impact your ride?

  • With the Polaris General Lift Kit installed, you'll notice an immediate improvement in your machine's ability to handle obstacles and tackle the toughest trails.
  • The extra ground clearance and the wider tires will allow you to navigate over rocks, logs, and other obstacles with ease.
  • The improved shock absorption and rear lift will also enhance the comfort of your ride, so you can spend more time enjoying the trails and less time bouncing around in your seat.

Can you use bigger wheels with a 2-inch lift kit on your vehicle?

Your vehicle can perform better on rough terrain by installing a lift kit. You can switch to more aggressive wheels that are better suited for navigating the roughest terrain thanks to the increased ground clearance. You can also use wheels with a slightly larger radius thanks to the extra inches provided by the lift. The larger size will enable better stability, particularly when performing large and massive jumps.

Are lift kits made for a specific model of vehicles?

Our lift kits are made to work with a wide range of vehicle models. Each Item model is customized for the particular application to ensure the highest level of performance. Installing a lift kit on your stock machine is a simple and easy process. You will be guided through the process by our thorough installation instructions and product information..

You won't be disappointed if you choose a Polaris General Lift Kit; it will enhance its performance on tough terrain, give you more clearance and the option to use larger wheels, as well as provide a smooth and enjoyable ride. Our lift kits are premium, top-rated products that will enable you to traverse even the most difficult terrain.


Our lift kits have received high Product Ratings from customers, who loves their high quality and the additional inches of ground clearance they provide. Our lift kits have a heavy-duty construction that makes them durable and capable of navigating even the most difficult terrain.

You’re having a hard time believing that our Polaris general Lift Kit is gonna drastically improve your off-road riding experience. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the reviews of our happy customers! 


We offer fast and reliable shipping on all of our products, so you can get your hands on your new lift kit and hit the trails in no time.

All orders are processed and shipped as quickly as we can. The majority of orders are handled in 1-2 business days. Orders placed on a Friday after 13:00 PM (CST) could not be processed for shipping until the next Monday. All of our orders come with tracking information, which is typically delivered via email as soon as the package leaves our warehouse.

All orders shipping to Canada and the USA over $100 USD will be given fast and free shipping. You will have shipping costs for overseas orders estimated at the checkout using your shipment address. Certain limitations may be used.

Offer yourself a Polaris general lift kit to boost your off-road experiences

If you want to take your riding to the next level, the Polaris general lift kit is the premium product that you need. With fast and reliable shipping, easy installation, improved performance, and a limited lifetime warranty, it is a fantastic investment that will enhance your off-road experience.

Any other questions about our Polaris general lift kit? Give us a call!

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FAQ about Polaris General Lift Kits

Do I need longer shocks for a 4 inch lift?

If you want to tackle rough terrain or make big leaps, a lift kit can be a terrific modification for your car. However, it's crucial to consider the requirement for new shock absorbers if you're lifting your car by more than 3 extra inches. It is critical to remedy this issue by obtaining new shock absorbers because the increased space between the shock's top and bottom mounting positions can compromise performance and safety.

Fortunately, the majority of the raise kits we sell include replacement shock absorbers, which greatly simplifies the purchasing process. By doing this, you can be confident that you have everything you need to finish the lift and that your car's suspension will function at its best.

What are the lift kits' terms of warranty?

Our lift kits' terms of warranty guarantee that clients will be happy with the quality and performance of the product. It is restricted to the initial buyer and covers any potential production flaws.

Will my vehicle's performance on rough terrain be improved by the lift kit?

A raise package will indeed help your car perform better on rough terrain. Your car can handle obstacles with ease thanks to the more ground clearance, and the wider wheels with a broader radius help stability, especially while making big leaps.

Should I buy new shock absorbers before adding a lift kit?

It's crucial to consider the requirement for new shock absorbers if you're elevating your car by more than 3 inches. It is critical to remedy this issue by obtaining new shock absorbers because the increased space between the shock's top and bottom mounting positions can compromise performance and safety. The majority of the raise kits we provide include replacement shock absorbers, which greatly simplifies the purchasing process.

What specifics about a lift kit are there?

A lift kit's product characteristics normally include facts about the item model, the building materials, and the raise height offered. Additionally, it could contain details about the installation procedure, the warranty's terms, and customer reviews of the product.

Are lift kits made by Polaris a high-end product?

Lift kits made by Polaris General are regarded as top goods in the industry. Even on the roughest terrain, they offer a quality ride because to their durable construction and heavy-duty materials. Additionally, they have favourable customer reviews and a restricted warranty.

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