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Can-Am Outlander ATV Lift Kits & Accessories

If you're buying your first Can-Am Outlander / Renegade ATV or utility vehicle (UTV), there are a few things you'll want to consider before making your purchase. You should have a PERFEX lift kit, a skid plate, some footpegs and also wheel spacers to protect you, your engine, axles, fuel tank and everything in-between.

Browse through our wide selection of products to make sure you're not missing out on anything. Don't forget your winch and other necessities for your next adventure in order to save time and money!

Let us know if you have any questions. We will be happy to help you find the best accessories for your Can-Am Outlander ATV!

Can-Am Outlander Lift Kits & Accessories

Why do I need a Can-Am Outlander Lift Kit?

ATV lift kits are sets of bolts and braces that are designed to adjust your ATV and gain more extra ground clearance. ATV lift kits have an average of 2 inch lift of extra clearance. They are also easy bolt-on-bracket systems that you can easily install while on the road. With them you can ride on crazier trails, up steeper hills, and through deeper mud holes. They're the perfect addition to your ATV for preventing trail abuse while keeping top-notch performance in mind. 

The PERFEX® 2" Can-Am Outlander Lift Kit is designed to allow full drops of the suspension of your vehicle in front and rear without breaking the factory CV joints. It makes for an extreme performance as well as a smoother ride on rockier terrain. With our 2 inch lift kit, you'll be able to remove stress points from under your ATVs.

What does the Can-Am Outlander Lift Kit include?

The kit includes a front and rear heavy duty lift bracket, made of 3mm thick Canadian steel. You will also have a new set of longer rear sway bar links, and brake lines for the rear. All the parts are CNC bent and cut by laser, for a perfect fit! A high-quality powder coat finish makes for a product that's built to last.

Installed directly onto your machine, this awesome two inch Can-Am Outlander lift kit can be installed easily by anyone who has a garage with basic tools. The kit comes with everything you need to install it properly.

At Perfex Industries, we guarantee ou ATV lift spacer kits

Each PERFEX lift kit comes with a LIFETIME WARRANTY! This is our version of the original warranty period. If you break or bend your kit, send us a picture and we will replace it without any questions. This is our GUARANTEE AND OUR WARRANTY TERMS!

Remember, when you buy from PERFEX, you support a local Canadian company of passionate off-roading guys. All our products have been DESIGNED, TESTED and MANUFACTURED right here, in Canada.


The lift kit will fit on the XMR models whatever your ride settings

Footpegs for Can-Am Outlander Max and other Outlander models

Our Universal ATV Foot Pegs were designed for aggressive ATV riders who need more grip for a stable riding experience . Made from high quality stainless steel (1/8" thick), these Oversized ATV Foot Pegs are super strong and will help you get the most out of your next ride.

Built to last, those foot pegs were designed, tested, and manufactured in Canada.


Whatever your riding style, good protection must be your priority when it comes to your ATV Can-Am Outlander max 450, 500 and/ or 570 (gen 2 l, 2015 and up). A heavy duty skid plate is an essential accessory for any off-roading lifestyle. It will protect your VTT from any rough terrain.

Skid plates are cheap, easy to break and won't protect your frame and other components underneath your ATV. Don't let your four wheeler take the hits, because we will take them for you.

Our nice design will protect your Can-Am Outlander Max L DPS XT from front to back, of all of the hits that it can take in a ride! This will be your most important investment for your 4×4!


Super strong & lightweight, our ATV Skid plates Accessories are made of heavy duty 0.188 inch (5mm) thick Aluminum 5052 H-32. No matter what kind of rugged trails you put them through, these protection plates were Built to Last!


All our skid plates and A-arm protectors are Laser cut and CNC bent, for a perfect fit. Skid plates for the Can-Am Outlander 450-570 “L” EPS come with all the hardware, brackets and instructions that you will need for an easy and homemade install.


Our mounting points are deep stamped to protect the head of the bolts. No head stripped, for easy maintenance. Adding to this, you have all the holes for washing, mud draining and to change your oil without removing the skid plates of the ATV.


  • Better protection for your Can-Am Outlander Gen2L Max
  • Super solid design
  • Slide over obstacles with less resistance
  • Recessed areas to protect hardware
  • Quality quad accessory
  • Aluminum plates will never rust
  • Easy to install
  • Upgrade the look of your ATV
  • Canadian Made
  • And always at the Best Price, directly from the Manufacturer!


  • This product doesn't fit on the Can-Am Outlander G2L XMR 570.
  • Combine the A-arm guards to the Central plates & Footrest plates to receive a 10% discount on this package!

Wheel Spacers

Install a set of ATV Wheel Spacers on your  off road Can-Am Outlander, Can-Am Commander UTV, Can-Am Defender, Can-Am Renegade, Can-Am Maverick Sport and more leading Can-Am Products and ATV to gives them more stability without requiring a major suspension overhaul. These 6061 billet aluminum wheel spacers are bulletproof and come with a 90-Day Warranty. You can get 1 inch, 1.5 inches or 2 inches of extra width, on each side, for more stability and clearance and for a smooth ride. There's no easier performance upgrade than adding a set of aluminum wheel spacers.

Note: All our spacers are sold in pairs.


The wheel spacer was designed to extend wheelbase width for greater stability, safety and a more aggressive look. It is installed onto your wheel base assembly. By slotting between the assembly and the wheel, it will create a gap that sets the tires outward. This increases the space between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel base itself. It's important to note that the spacer doesn't move the assembly, it only moves the tires.


Definitely! If properly installed, high-quality ATV and/or UTV wheel spacers are very safe. Each spacer provides a balanced, OEM-quality fit without looseness or vibration.

Crafted on a high precision CNC machine, from rock solid 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Billet, our wheel spacers will be solid, extremely durable, low weight and free of corrosion. Add to this some super solid grad 12.9 studs, and you have a spacer that was built to last.

Each pair of wheel spacers come with all you need for a direct bolt-on application and come with a 90 days warranty on manufacturer default.


A helmet shouldn't even be a question. It's a given and it's also mandatory in each and every province in Canada. So whether they're graphic helmets, off-road helmets or race helmets, you have to wear one. It's a no brainer if you want to keep yours.

There are hundreds of helmets available, but you need to be sure that you're buying one that has good padding, proper ventilation, replaceable parts, and more.

ATV Cover

Unless your ATV stays in your garage or a covered trailer, you will want to protect it from the weather; your favorite machine deserves proper protection! Living in Canada your items could be ruined by rain, snow, and heat if you leave them unprotected. If you live in a place where the sun is the worst enemy, then you may need to invest in a better quality ATV cover. You can find good ATV Covers on

The three things you should be worried about most are sun, water, and snow. Depending on where in Canada you're located, the order of these risks may change. The sun beating on plastic all day long will cause it to fade. Rain and snow can cause electrical problems and cause rust and mold to form. An affordable ATV cover is the best way to solve this problem, and will only cost you between $25-$50.

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