Present on the 'About Us' page, the image showcases a Honda Talon 1000 X-4 UTV in the sand in front of a large mountain. A testament to how our products can go wherever you desire. Present on the 'About Us' page, the image showcases a Honda Talon 1000 X-4 UTV in the sand in front of a large mountain. A testament to how our products can go wherever you desire.




Built for Fun - Built to Last

Thank you for exploring our story. My journey with PERFEX began from a childhood passion for ATV riding, starting with my first Polaris Sportsman at five. Despite its quirks, that ATV ignited a lifelong love for all-terrain vehicle.

PERFEX Industries was born from a desire to combine passion with purpose, creating durable, high-quality products at fair prices. Today, seeing our products reach global customers reaffirms our mission: Delivering Excellence for the Love of the Powersports.



Started from Family Garage

PERFEX Industries, rooted in Canada, specializes in creating aftermarket parts and accessories for ATVs and side-by-sides. Our journey began in 2012, from the humble beginnings of Frederik's parents' garage, where the first lift kits and skid plates for ATV models were crafted.

Direct Sales: A Powersports Milestone

As we grew, so did our product line, initially distributed by Motovan, a renowned Canadian ATV parts distributor. Our pivotal moment came in 2016 when we started selling directly to enthusiasts through our eBay Store. However, the launch of our website towards the beginning of 2020 marked a significant milestone, boosting our visibility and directly connecting us with our customers, leading to a substantial increase in sales.


From St-Jerome to Victoriaville

In 2016, a pivotal year, PERFEX Industries made a transformative move from Saint-Jérôme to Victoriaville, marking a new chapter for Frederik, our 24-year-old founder. This transition to our first official warehouse not only represented significant growth but also introduced us to the world of online sales. Launching our eBay Store, we embarked on a journey of expansion, with our lift kits becoming an instant hit, signaling the start of something big.


2020 - The Digital Frontier

Launching our official website in late 2019 marked the dawn of a new era for PERFEX Industries. This digital leap forward has propelled us from offering a limited selection of lift kits and skid plates to boasting an extensive lineup that caters to nearly every ATV and side-by-side model on the market. Today, our product range proudly includes customer-approved skid plates, wheel spacers, LED bars, foot pegs, synthetic rope cables, and other great accessories, setting a new standard in the industry.


Tested For Toughness

In Canada, our four distinct seasons serve as the ultimate testing ground for every PERFEX product. From the blistering heat of summer to the biting cold of winter, our products are put through their paces, ensuring they can withstand the extreme conditions they're designed for. This relentless testing guarantees that our customers receive only the most durable and reliable accessories for their ATVs and side-by-sides.


User-Driven Innovation

Staying close to our community is a cornerstone of our philosophy. Every product starts with insights from real users and industry experts, undergoing rigorous design and testing phases to ensure it meets the highest standards. But our commitment doesn't stop at production; we continuously refine our products based on your feedback. Whether you have experience with our products or fresh ideas, we're all ears. Share your thoughts via our "Contact Us" page or on Facebook, and help shape the future of off-road accessories.


Global Partnerships

PERFEX Industries is on the lookout for global partners to bring our products to enthusiasts everywhere. If you believe in the value we offer and wish to enrich your customers' experiences with our high-quality ATV and UTV accessories, we want to hear from you. Reach out via our contact page or apply directly through our "Become a Dealer" page. Let's explore a potential partnership and expand the reach of exceptional off-road adventures together.

Become a Dealer

Meet Our Team

Meet the dedicated team. Each member brings a unique set of skills and passion for ATVs and UTVs, ensuring we deliver top-quality products that enhance your off-road experience. Together, we strive to innovate and serve the community that shares our love for the ride.

The Heart of the Company

As the founder of PERFEX Industries, Frederik is the mastermind behind each design and the voice you'll hear on every call or message. A proud French Canadian, his passion for the industry transcends language barriers. Dedicated and accessible, Frederik's commitment to support and service is unwavering, ready to assist you any day of the week.

The Backbone of Fulfillment

Son of Yves, Tommy is the dedicated hand behind the dispatch of each product ordered from us. Fresh from school, he's not only responsible for ensuring your items are sent out promptly but also takes charge of the precise bending of each product. With a keen eye for detail and a commitment to quality, Tommy plays a crucial role in the journey of our products from manufacture to your doorstep.

The Jack of All Trades

Yves, father to Tommy, is our go-to for everything at PERFEX Industries. With over two years dedicated to the company, he's affectionately known as our "old man," a title he wears with pride. Yves is responsible for meticulously packaging each product you order. From hardware to wrapping and beyond, he ensures every detail is perfect for the final product. His commitment to excellence is a cornerstone of our team's success.



If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.
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