We are proud to offer same day shipping to our valuable customers.

Because we know that no one wants to wait after the order he just passed, we do everything we can to ship the same day every order that has been placed before 10:00AM (CST), Monday-Friday!

Approximatively 80% of All orders placed Before 10:00AM (CST) will leave the shop the same day (not including weekends & holidays). Orders placed during the weekend or during holiday will be shipped the following business day.

If, by mistake, a product is not in stock, we will contact you immediately to fix you an availability date. We will understand too if you want cancel your order and a total refund will be automatically send. But don't stress with that! We have a huge inventory and we work hard to never miss anything that we sell on our website!

*** We do our best to ship quickly and efficiently. Please understand that exceptions can happen. Get in touch with us if you have any special needs or concerns about the shipment of your order.


We use ground service to ship all our orders in Canada and the 48 States of the United States. All our shipments use a tracking number, that you will receive by email, as soon as your order is shipped.



Qualifying items receive FREE Shipping on orders over $130.00 CAD! See following map to see our shipping delay.


We use, most of the time, FedEx - GLS - Purolator or UPS to ship all our orders through the Canada.

Northern provinces like Yukon, Northwest Territories, Nunavut and Newfoundland sadly don't have acces to free shipping due to really high surcharge from the shipping companies.

All the orders are shipped from our Warehouse at Victoriaville, QUEBEC.


We use UPS Standard Ground Service for practically all the orders shipped to the 48 contiguous states of USA. We will only use USPS for the PO Box address.

States of Alaska, Hawaï and some other little Islands of the United States sadly don't have access to free shipping due to really high surcharge from the shipping companies.

*** GOOD TO KNOW: Shipments from Canada to USA valued at $800 or Less are usually duty-free and referred to as a Section 321 entry.



You are not from Canada or USA, and you want your PERFEX Product? We are proud to say that we are now able to ship overseas! Please see the countries below for the locations where we are able to ship orders.

Shippings fees for those destinations are calculated at the checkout, using the shipping address and the weight of the order. We use UPS Worldwide Expedited for all those International Destinations.

*** PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Always use a physical address. UPS are note able to deliver to any PO Box address.

✅   Australia

✅   Austria

✅   Belgium

✅   Czech Republic

✅   Denmark

✅   Estonia

✅   Finland

✅   France

✅   Germany

✅   Iceland

✅   Ireland

✅   Italy

✅   Latvia

✅   Lithuania

✅   Netherlands

✅   New Caledonia

✅   New Zealand

✅   Norway

✅   Poland

✅   Portugal

✅   Romania

✅   Slovakia

✅   Slovenia

✅   Spain

✅   Sweden

✅   Switzerland

✅   United Kingdom

If your country is not from this list, contact us to ask for a shipping availability.

*** PLEASE TAKE NOTE: Those orders are subject to tariffs, customs duties and associated assessments. These costs are the responsibility of the customer. The shipping/handling charges do not include any of these fees. The customs fees and/or brokerage fees are usually charged by the company who delivering the order.


If you have any extra questions, please feel free to see our FAQs/Help section or to contact our friendly Customer Service.