ATV Lift Kits - Give your ATV or UTV Extra Ground Clearance with our Lift Kits


Need to upgrade your suspension/ground clearance? Or do you need some heavy-duty protection? At PERFEX Industries, we have what you need. And we are proud to say that all of those parts are made in Canada!


2" Lift Kit HONDA TRX 300 Fourtrax 4x4 (1988-1992)

Next » Adding some extra inches is always appreciated and at PERFEX Industries, we have the solution for you: ATV lift kits! And always at the best price guarantee!

Our front and rear suspension components will help you to raise your ATV/UTV, giving you those missing inches you need to fit bigger tires and avoid those trail-hitting points with extra ground clearance.

All our ATV lift kits are direct bolt-on and backed by a lifetime warranty.


The best suspension and lift kits available for your ATV and UTV

Settle for the best with Perfex Industries ATV and UTV lift kits! Keep reading to learn more about lift kits and their advantages, as well as how to choose the right kit for your vehicle.


Should you lift your ATV?

ATVs can fulfill many different functions. For some, it is a fun activity during the weekends at the cottage, where you drive around and enjoy yourself. For others, it is an important part of their life and a tool used for many things, such as pulling, winching, and hauling. No matter how you use it, there are many benefits to lifting your ATV using one of our kits!

1. Higher body clearance means you can travel over more terrain

Riding over a nice level road is easy, but for those using their ATV on rocky or muddy terrains, or in areas with many rocks, a good clearance is essential to avoid bottoming out in the toughest terrain. It is also important in order to protect your underside components from shocks, as well as, fender clearance to guarantee a longer duration of life for your vehicle.

While there are many options to choose from, such as bigger wheels for clearance or a full belly skid plate for protection, lift kits are the most affordable and efficient way to increase your ground clearance.

2. Lifting your ATV allows you to use larger tires

Larger tires can make a world of difference for your ATV! Extremely helpful when driving over rougher terrain or in difficult conditions, larger tires increase the contact area between your wheel and the ground, giving you more power when driving in rough weather or when climbing hills. When you have larger tires you also generally have extra clearance between the underside components and the terrain.

A disadvantage of installing a lift kit to your ATV is the fact that the center of gravity is higher which means that the machine is more susceptible to tipping. However, when you install larger tires, you are not going to have this problem. The larger tires give you more contact area to the ground keeping you steady.

3. Lifting your all-terrain vehicle brings better visibility

Sitting higher gives the ATV driver better visibility on the road, allowing him to see other cars but also letting others vehicles see him! ATV lift kits are an excellent way to prevent accidents and collisions. Thanks to better visibility, on muddy trails or any tougher terrain you can see ahead for obstacles to avoid that could damage your vehicle.

4. Longer suspension shocks

Lifting your vehicle off the ground and having extra clearance gives you a longer suspension shock space. You can always install shock extenders or progressive shocks if you think that the suspension shock is too long.

5. A lifted ATV or UTV looks good

Nothing beats the looks you get when riding a lifted all-terrain vehicle. A lift kit gives your ATV the stylish appearance you are looking for and going where others cannot thanks to better ground clearance and larger wheels is a great feeling!


How to choose the right raising set for your ATV?

When choosing a lift kit for your ATV or UTV, you should consider many different factors, such as your ATV model, the price point of the lift kits, if they are easy to install and what your needs are!

1. ATV Models

First, let's consider the model of your vehicle! Different models will require different types of lift kits, and the manufacturer often gives recommendations on what should and should not be done. If you are unsure, we recommend you contact your manufacturer or one of our professionals and check what are the best options!

2. Your own specific requirements

To find the perfect setting to raise your ATV, you should determine what your needs are: are you looking for kits offering an inch or two of ground clearance or do you need more? Do you want to level your ATV with a front or rear kit or do you need to lift the entire vehicle? Maybe you are looking for something that is extremely specific to fulfill your needs which will require the creation of a custom lift kit. However, it is crucial to remember that custom products come with a thicker price tag. The answer to these questions will help you narrow down your search to find the complete lift kit.

3. How much does an ATV lift kit cost?

Finally, when purchasing an ATV lift kit for an all-terrain vehicle, you must consider the price of the set and your own budget. If you are thinking of raising your ATV or UTV there are multiple factors to consider that affect the final price of the lift. Take into consideration that there is an additional cost of installation. There are affordable ATV lift kit options, such as the ones from Perfex Ind, that offer great performances and durability at reasonable price points. But for special needs, size lifts, it can get expensive! Also keep in mind the installation, as using a mechanic to install your lift kit can end up as expensive as the kit itself!

If you know what you are looking for in terms of ATV lift kits and you are wondering how much the kit costs including the price of installation, contact our employees for an estimation of the costs. You might be looking for one of these:

  • Rear suspension lift kits - rear riser suspension lift kit;
  • Approximate size lift;
  • Portal gear lift;
  • Custom lift kits that suit exactly what you are looking for.


Does Perfex Ind. offer a series of lift packages for all ATV and UTV brands?

Perfex Ind is proud to offer affordable and reliable ATV lift kits but most importantly durable lift kits. Find the lift kits compatible with all-terrain vehicles from all the large manufacturers. We offer kits for most ATV and UTV models offered by brands such as Yamaha, Can-Am and Arctic Cat! Discover all our compatible brands below:

Arctic Cat ATV Lift kits

Yamaha ATV Lift kits

Can-Am ATV Lift kits

CF Moto ATV Lift kits

Honda ATV Lift kits

Kawasaki ATV Lift kits

Polaris ATV Lift kits

Suzuki ATV Lift kits


Other products and accessories for your ATVs and UTVs

In addition to great ATV lift kits for lifting your ATV, Perfex offers a variety of accessories and parts to improve your vehicle's performance!

We offer high-end oversized foot pegs to keep you stable and in control during your rides. For those looking to improve the stability or an aggressive look for their ATV, Perfex offers Wheel spacers. Finally, to better protect the exposed parts of your ATV, we offer durable aluminum skid plates that will protect your investment for years to come!


Why choose Perfex?

You can be guaranteed that at Perfex we only offer top-quality products for all of our clients. Our mission is to make sure that you are satisfied with the product as well as with our customer service. Contact us at any time for questions or comments.



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