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Honda Foreman ATV Lift Kits & Accessories

Perfex Industries - Honda Foreman lift kits for unstoppable performance

Welcome to Perfex Industries, where we offer precision-engineered lift kits for Honda Foreman models, designed to improve ground clearance and maximize performance. While our focus here is on the Foreman series, we also cater to a range of other Honda models including: 

Our product range includes different lift kits specifically designed for various Foreman models:

Enhance your ride with our Honda Foreman lift kits and more

Precision-engineered Honda Foreman lift kits

Our lift kits are made from high-quality metals, featuring zinc and powder coat finishes for added durability and reliability. Our precision laser-cut design ensures a perfect fit and easy installation. The lift kits come with all the necessary installation hardware, step-by-step photo instructions, and detailed step guides, making installation simple and efficient.

2021 Honda Foreman 520 Lift Kit: Boost your ATV's performance

Upgrade your 2021 Honda Foreman 520 model with our suspension lift kit, designed for maximum performance and increased ground clearance. Install larger tires to enhance handling, brake discs, and road-holding capabilities. Our lift kit brackets and rear lift components are precision-engineered to work seamlessly with your vehicle's shock mounts, axles, and rancher system.

Maximize your 2021 Honda Foreman 520's potential with our precision-engineered lift kit

2022 Honda Foreman 520 Lift Kit: Conquer deep terrain with ease

Enhance your 2022 Honda Foreman 520's off-road capabilities with our lift bracket kit. This kit provides improved handling, ABS performance, and suspension, allowing you to tackle deep terrain with ease. Our coil-sprung design ensures a comfortable ride while maintaining vehicle stability and engine efficiency.

Shop Honda Foreman 400 Lift Kit for maximum off-road capability

Equip your Honda Foreman 400 with our ultimate lift kit, providing superior ground clearance, and unstoppable performance. The kit includes installation instructions and all necessary hardware, making it easy to upgrade your ATV's tires, steel, exhaust, and gearing components for a truly off-road ready vehicle.

Experience the ultimate honda foreman lift with our lifetime warranty and friendly support

Perfex Industries is committed to providing top-quality lift kits with a lifetime warranty for every road enthusiasts. Our friendly lift system offers step-by-step installation guidance and support to ensure a smooth install time. Make the ultimate statement with our precision-engineered lift system, and trust Perfex Industries to help you conquer any terrain.

Transform your off-road experience with our Honda Foreman lift kits


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