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Can-Am Renegade ATV Lift Kits & Accessories

Can-Am Renegade Lift Kit

 Elevate Your Ride with Can-Am Renegade Lift Kits

Boost your Can-Am Renegade's performance with our lift kits, including the ultimate Can-Am 1000 lift kit and Can-Am Renegade 800 lift kit. These kits, designed for maximum ground clearance and compatibility with larger tires, enhance your ride by enabling smoother navigation over rough terrains and ensuring durability with high-quality materials like stainless steel. Enjoy improved axle protection and a better-feeling suspension, making your adventures more thrilling than ever.

 Superior Stability and Comfort

Our Can-Am Renegade lift kits balance increased height with unparalleled ride comfort. By maintaining optimal camber and utilizing superior bearing surfaces, we ensure a strong, smooth ride. The lift kit package includes everything needed for installation, offering enhanced stability and agility for your off-road journeys. With our kits, expect a seamless blend of performance and comfort, backed by a lifetime warranty for peace of mind.

Transform Your Adventure with the Can-Am Renegade Lift Kit

Elevate your off-roading with a Perfex lift kit, making your Can-Am Renegade ready for any terrain. The additional clearance facilitates the use of huge tires, while the included rear lift brackets and enhanced brake lines ensure safety and reliability. Our lift kit turns your Renegade into a more formidable machine, ready to tackle the toughest conditions with confidence and style.

 Renegade Lift Kit: Built for the Extreme

Choose Perfex for a lift kit that's tested to withstand extreme conditions, offering a real lift that's both durable and reliable. Each kit comes with a comprehensive warranty, highlighting our commitment to quality. Upgrade your ride with a kit designed for the Can-Am ATV suspension, ensuring better performance and a more aggressive appearance. Experience the difference with a Perfex lift kit, where every detail is crafted for the ultimate off-roading adventure.

 Can-Am Renegade Lift Kits - Engineered for Ultimate Terrain Mastery

 Tailored for the Can-Am Renegade Series

Elevate your Can-Am Renegade with our lift kits, ideal for those seeking extra ground clearance and the capacity for larger tires. These enhancements not only allow for the use of stock tires or taller aftermarket options but also improve ride settings and axle protection. Experience a better-feeling suspension lift kit that transforms your ATV for ultimate trail rides.

 Can-Am Renegade Lift Kits & Accessories Selections

Our selection is designed to meet every rider's needs, whether you're looking for enhanced stability on trail rides or aiming to fit sets of tires for various terrains. Our ultimate lift kit options include:

2-Inch Lift Kit for Can-Am Renegade 570/650/850/1000R (2019-2022)

Leverage more ground clearance and improved handling across all terrains with this comprehensive lift kit.

Aluminum A-arm Guards for Can-Am Renegade 650-1000R (2012+)

Protect your undercarriage and enhance your ATV's durability with these high-strength aluminum guards.

Aluminum Wheel Spacers for CAN-AM (2-Piece)

Widen your ATV's stance for better stability and a more aggressive appearance with these durable aluminum spacers.

With these upgrades, your Renegade is ready to tackle any adventure with confidence.

 Installation Excellence and Longevity Guaranteed

Engineered for durability and ease of installation, our kits ensure your ATV is ready to face the toughest conditions in no time. We pride ourselves on fast processing times to ship products efficiently, getting you back on the trail faster.

 Transparent Pricing, Exceptional Value

Choose Perfex Industries for transparent pricing and exceptional value, ensuring your investment enhances your off-road experience without hidden costs. Our lift kits deliver performance, durability, and style, supported by a solid warranty for peace of mind.

 Perfex Industries’ Can-Am Renegade Lift Kit - Engineered For Your Needs

 Unmatched Customer Support for Your Renegade Upgrade

Choose Perfex Industries for unparalleled customer support as you upgrade your Can-Am Renegade. Our expert team is here to guide you through selecting and installing your lift kit, ensuring a smooth process. We're committed to providing solutions that outperform competitor products, with shipping policies designed for your convenience.

 Transform Your Renegade into an Off-Road Legend

Our Can-Am Renegade lift kit not only allows for the installation of larger and taller tires but also enhances axles' durability and lift through steering stability. With Perfex Industries, experience a transformative upgrade that maintains ride comfort and surpasses competitor offerings.

 Experience the Ultimate with Can-Am Renegade Lift Kit

Elevate your off-road adventure with the Can-Am Renegade lift kit from Perfex Industries, designed for those who challenge the extremes. Superior stability, enhanced durability, and comprehensive shipping options ensure your kit arrives ready for the journey ahead.

Elevate Your Journey with the Can-Am Renegade Lift Kit
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