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11 Best ATV trails in Canada

11 Best ATV trails in Canada

Are you looking for some of the best ATV tracks in Canada? If that's the case, we have compiled the ideal list for you with Canada’s top trails, which includes a variety of difficulty levels. With thousands of ATVs sold in Canada each year, it's evident that the country's off-road culture is alive and well.

This implies that there are well-maintained trail networks for every ATV enthusiast. Each province in the country has its own set of trails, which we are certain that the locals would claim are the best on the planet. But, how can you tell which ones are truly the best? We wanted to help, so we whittled it down to these incredible ATV routes.


What are the best ATV trails in Canada?

1. Algoma Country Trail Network

Algoma Country is in Northern Ontario, on the shores of Lake Superior and Lake Huron. It is adjacent to Sault Ste. Marie (on the border of Michigan and Ontario) and is one of Ontario's hidden beauties, with modest mountains, beautiful forests, and year-round outdoor activities.

Elliot Lake is a must-see for everyone visiting the area. This is a charming retirement village and ATV destination that has evolved from an ancient mining hamlet. It is surrounded by over 1,300 lakes, making it a fantastic area to visit. With over 300 km of looped routes winding past rivers, granite escarpments, and gorgeous forests, the area is known as one of Ontario's largest insured ATV networks.

In this location, be sure to check out Horne Lake Path, a tough 6 km trail with spectacular views. If you choose to stay closer to Sault Ste. Marie, there are several staging places and paths that go to various destinations such as Echo Bay, Searchmont, Halfway Haven, and beyond.

Consider staying at the Quattro Hotel & Conference Centre in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario, which is a member of the Ascend Hotel Collection. After a long day of ATV riding, the indoor saltwater pool, sauna, and on-site restaurant at this 2019 Platinum Guest Satisfaction Award winner resort will meet your demands.


2. Ganaraska Forest

The Ganaraska Forest is a terrific destination to bike and explore. It is ideal for beginner riders and has hundreds of woodland routes. The East and West Forests are both open to ATVs, with miles of trails and around 6,000 acres to explore. There are several parking options, and ATV trail maps are accessible online or in the Forest Centre when you arrive.

It is only a 25-minute drive to the Comfort Inn & Suites in Bowmanville, which has plenty of parking for your truck and trailer. Start your day with a complimentary hot breakfast and unwind in the indoor heated pool after a full day of sightseeing.


3. Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System, Mattawa

Mattawa is a small village in the Ganaraska Forest. It is a special place because of its location, which is sandwiched between the Algonquin Highlands and the Laurentian Mountains, as well as the Mattawa and Ottawa Rivers. This system has 300 kilometers of riding paths that connect to a 4,000-kilometer network. It is also where the May ATV/UTV Poker Run takes place, which is a lot of fun.

Trails range in difficulty, but there is something for everyone, from easy riding for novices to tremendous difficulties for seasoned ATV riders. Here you'll find mud, water holes, difficult terrain, and more! The 666 Mud Trail (advanced level), the Purdy Mica Mine, and the Redbridge Lookout, which offers an incredible perspective of the entire area, are all worth seeing.

The Voyageur Multi-Use Trail System trailhead is about 40 minutes away from the Comfort Inn in North Bay. It has trailer parking, as well as complimentary breakfast and pet-friendly rooms.


4. Park to Park Trail

The Park-to-Park Trail is located in Seguin, Ontario, about two hours and a half from Toronto. The Park-to-Park Trail Association was established to link Killbear and Algonquin Provincial Parks with multi-use pathways. 

There are currently 230 kilometers of trails available, with approximately 140 kilometers suitable for ATV use. Last year, the Eastern Ontario Trails Alliance and the Park-to-Park Trail Association formed a new collaboration, permitting the use of a "One Pass" permit for both trail networks. To put it another way, you get more bang for your buck with access to nearly 2,000 kilometers of trails!

The Park to Park Trail features mud puddles, rocky places, and wide-open trails along rail beds, as well as dramatic views along high cliffs. The Comfort Inn in Parry Sound, approximately 20 minutes from the Park to Park Trail, is a great place to unwind after a day of riding. A refrigerator, microwave, complimentary hot breakfast, and other amenities are available to guests at this motel.


5. Haliburton ATV Association Trails

The Haliburton ATV Association has about 1,700 kilometers of ATV and SXS trails, making it one of the province’s largest. These trails run through Haliburton, Muskoka, Kawartha, Peterborough, Almaguin, and Madawaska, among other places in Ontario.  These routes range in difficulty from novice forest access roads and rail bed trails to nasty terrain deep in the woods with some strong mud pits (extreme). For those locations, bring your winch and hand saw! 

The Comfort Hotel & Suites in Peterborough has an on-site restaurant, complimentary hot breakfast, an indoor heated pool, and a hot tub, among other amenities. Riders can either trailer to a location closer to Haliburton or reach the Haliburton ATV trail system from Peterborough. For maps and other information, contact the Haliburton ATV Association or the Peterborough County Trails ATV Club.


6. Explorer’s Edge, Muskoka

Muskoka, often known as "Cottage Country" or "Explorers' Edge" is a cottager's paradise with breathtaking vistas and a plethora of private and rented cottages with utilities close by. It is an obvious choice for anyone seeking some leisure just north of Toronto.

Muskoka is a refuge for people who like to get a little dirty and find their happy place on the back of an ATV. There are many towns and scenic destinations to explore if you have never been before. Baysville (Lake of Bays) has a vast trail system with staging and parking spaces that is open from sunrise to sunset from May to December.

With a truck/SUV and trailer, it is helpful to have options for parking and staging, and the Baysville trail system provides just that. Back Country Tours offers an incredible range of packages to experience Muskoka at its best.


7. Cochrane, North-eastern Ontario

Cochrane is a real northern frontier with many Indigenous cultures and traditions. It is a popular snowmobiling location in the winter, so it is only natural that it will be a fantastic ATV destination from spring to fall. Bear Tracks ATV Tours is based in Cochrane and leaves from the town's parking and staging area. Cochrane has a diverse terrain for all levels of ATV riders, as well as stunning Northern Ontario vistas, culture, and learning opportunities.


8. Black Creek Outfitters

Black Creek Outfitters is a hidden gem in the Algoma District. They are in the Mississagi Valley, about an hour's drive north of Thessalon and two hours and a half east of Sault Ste. Marie. Because Black Creek Outfitters is located at the trail intersection where Elliot Lake, Thessalon, and Chapleau meet, ATV explorers have a variety of trail alternatives to access distant lakes, waterfalls, and regions that are not accessible by automobile.

Another advantage of vacationing with Black Creek Outfitters is that you can ride your ATV from and straight to your cabin, eliminating the need to worry about your machines being in a different parking/staging area.


9. Thunder Bay Region, Ontario

An ATVer has several possibilities while visiting the Thunder Bay region, but the area is so large… where would you even begin looking? Silver Mountain Station, a historic train station, takes pleasure in offering adventurers a wide range of activities. Everyone is welcome, from horseback riders to snowmobilers, dirt bikers, ATVers, skiers, and more. A trail named the old Pee Dee line runs near the Silver Mountain Station and carves and winds around some of the best ATV terrains in the Thunder Bay area.


10. Kukagami Trails

Look up Sportsman's Lodge Wilderness Resort on Kukagami Lake northeast of Sudbury to find the center of the Kukagami Trail system. George Robbins, the company's owner, devotes countless hours to maintaining and growing the trail network. His work never stops, thanks to a network of old and abandoned logging roads and trails left behind by the area's lengthy history of mining and forestry.

In the midst of old trees and gorgeous lakes, there are loop alternatives for full-day rides. Ask about the Goat Trail if you are a serious rider looking for a good workout. Try the two-day, 400-kilometer round to Auld Reekie Lodge in Gowganda and return if adventure is your thing.


11. Wasi Lake Trails

Follow in the footsteps of trappers and loggers near the northwest boundary of Algonquin Park, about 40 minutes outside of North Bay. Booth Landing Camping & Cottages, located on the shores of lovely Wasi Lake near Chisholm, is a great place to start your ATV trip. The route starts at your door and leads into the nearby royal lands, where you will see more deer, moose, bears, bald eagles, and owls than people.

Do you need some company? Every year, the proprietors of Booth Landing, Nunzio and Cindy, organize a group ride that begins at 10 or 11 A.M. and lasts about 4 hours, with a stop for lunch on the route and a full steak dinner back at Booth Landing.


Want to hit the trails?

ATVs used to be thought of as utilitarian vehicles, used by farmers and ranchers to get through the rugged terrain of Canada. However, there has been a significant shift, with an increasing number of people becoming enthusiastic about the sport. Some even consider it a way of life. If you have been aching to try out some of these ATV routes, but don't have your own vehicle, now is a good time to invest.

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