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20 great gifts for the outdoorsmen in your life

20 great gifts for the outdoorsmen in your life

Every outdoorsman will undoubtedly appreciate receiving any essential accessory for his excursions. In this article we share some outdoors gift ideas that are far more original than your average flannel shirt. These 20 outdoorsy gifts are perfect for camping trips or outdoor adventures.


What are the best gift ideas for any outdoorsmen?

1. Backpack

Backpacks are one of the main accessories for outdoor adventures. You can find many types of backpacks with different price ranges in the market, but the choice must be evaluated based on the type of hiker the person is. If the person is a day or weekend hiker, a medium backpack (20/30 liters) will suffice.

For those who enjoy taking trips that last a few days, a 35 to 50 liter backpack can be a good option. If the gift is for someone who will make a trip of one or more weeks, it is advisable to give him a backpack of more than 55 liters. When choosing the backpack, you need to check that it has many pockets and that the backrest and the shoulder straps are padded.

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2. Portable Coffee Maker

If you think that the recipient of the gift already has everything, a portable coffee maker could be an ideal gift to surprise him. You can find them in various sizes, more or less compact. In some, it is even possible to grind the coffee beans by hand, while others are compatible with capsules and pods. This original gift is very useful for road trips and will surely be greatly appreciated. There is nothing like enjoying a freshly prepared coffee surrounded by nature.


3. Lifestraw Water Filter

This incredible gift will allow the person to drink from puddles of water. It is a small travel filter that can filter up to a thousand liters of water. The Times magazine named it the best invention of 2015!


4. Survival Kit

Every outdoors enthusiast should be prepared for any eventuality, so they must carry a small survival kit. Some are already made, but you could also customize the gift by personalizing its content. You just have to choose an envelope, preferably waterproof and insert a utility knife, a carabiner, a compass, an energy bar or a chocolate bar and whatever you think may be of help in the woods.


5. Aluminum Bottle

It is a useful accessory for any type of outing, especially trekking. You can find aluminum bottles or canteens in various sizes, designs, prices, and they are great to maintain the desired temperature (either hot or cold) for several hours.


6. Tent

If the outdoorsman you know has had the same tent for more than 5 years, he could benefit from the new models on the market. If you want to offer a truly unique camping experience, you can opt for a suspended tree tent. The person will feel like a small child again when he finds his beautiful refuge in the middle of nature.

7. ATV Accessories

This is a perfect gift for men who like to ride All-Terrain Vehicles (ATV). Whether it is footpegs, skid plates, or wheel spacers, gifting ATV accessories is a great option for any quad lover out there. It is advisable for you to know what accessory would be good for the person who will receive the gift, could it be that his quad needs a new lift kit? If you don't want to ask him directly and ruin the surprise, you can ask his outdoor friends for advice!

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8. Waterproof Electric and Solar Power Bank

A 10,000 mAh charger can be very useful for someone who loves the outdoors. Not only will it allow the adventurer to have more battery in their smartphone to record videos or take photos, but it will also allow him to use the map feature longer in case he gets lost on the way. Some chargers work with mechanical and solar energy and have an integrated LED light.


9. Hiking Boots

If you know that the person could use a new pair of hiking boots it can be an awesome gift idea. Certain outdoorsmen get attached to their essential gear after having been well served by them and neglect the state of their footwear. This outdoorsy gift will provide support wherever they intend to go!


10. Ultralight Hammock

These hammocks are made with nylon parachute fabric and they are super convenient for outdoor adventures! They are incredible because they are easily foldable, resistant, do not take up much space, and support up to more than 300 kg of weight. This is definitely a great gift to sleep peacefully where trees allow it.


11. Trekking Socks

Breathable socks with an anti-blisters feature will be appreciated by any nature lover. These socks can be used on camping trips or any other sporting activity. If you decide to buy this gift, try to find ones that have a reinforced heel and toe.


12. SPOT Satellite Locator

These locators are a true gem of technology for adventurers who dare to venture into remote territory or without telephone coverage. The SPOT Gen3 Messenger is a product that allows you to send emergency SOS signals, share your location and send messages through the available satellite network. It is certainly a great gift for those insatiable explorers!


13. Sports Sunglasses

Sports sunglasses are useful and stylish. You can choose sunglasses that are best adapted for the outdoor activities the person you know prefers.


14. Bluetooth Speaker

Definitely among the best fun gift ideas out there! A speaker is a great idea because it is perfect for the mountains, the beach, or the lake. A mini Bluetooth speaker equipped with a carabiner is ideal to carry comfortably in your backpack.

There is a wide range of prices, designs, and sound quality available so that the person you are giving the gift to can enjoy their favorite music anywhere. In addition, some Bluetooth speakers also have the option of using it as a hands-free to receive calls, thanks to their built-in microphone.


15. Smartphone Compatible Gloves

If you buy this gift, he will no longer have to remove his gloves to reply to a message, view the map, or answer the phone. The Etip gloves from The North Face are made of synthetic material and have an improved grip with silicone. In addition, they are compatible with all types of touch devices. Quite an original gift idea, right?


16. Victorinox Pocket Knife

A true camping trip essential. This stainless steel hiking knife is a classic and therefore a gift that never fails. It has everything anyone needs to get out of trouble in the mountains. Of course, make sure the person doesn't already have one!


17. Millet Baikal Sleeping Bag

The Millet Baikal sleeping bag is ideal for most mountain situations during the spring and fall seasons. The fit on the head is perfect for not letting the heat escape. The comfort temperature is 5ºC, and it only weighs 1.17 kilos.


18. Folding Camping Table and Benches

Some sets are formed by a table and two benches, with a capacity for four people. Once folded, all this is collected inside the table itself and the weight is less than 9 kilos. It is a great idea if the person is a lover of picnics and outdoor barbecues.


19. Mountain GPS

These devices are specially designed to be used during mountain and outdoor activities, such as hiking, climbing, ski touring, etc. They can withstand adverse weather conditions. Certain mountain GPS are equipped with a compass and altimeter and their batteries (usually AA batteries) generally last more than 12 hours.


20. GoPro HERO 10 Black

Still need some outdoor gift ideas? This new GoPro model from 2021 features the powerful new GP2 processor that doubles the video frame rate and generates state-of-the-art image quality and HyperSmooth 4.0 video stabilization. It is a great option if the person usually records their adventures, as it will allow them to immortalize all those moments so that they can later share them with their family and friends.

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