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What's the Best Suspension for my Kawasaki ATV?

What's the Best Suspension for my Kawasaki ATV?

Are you looking for the best suspension for your Kawasaki ATV? If so, then you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we explain what makes a great suspension and how you can go about selecting the perfect one for your ride. We share the benefits that come with having a quality suspension system on your machine.

What Are ATV Suspensions?

An ATV suspension is an essential feature to have on your off-roading vehicle. It helps ensure a smooth ride as well as reduce body roll for smoother cornering. Shock absorbers are engineered to absorb impact from uneven surfaces, providing a comfortable and safe experience while out on the trails. 

Furthermore, compression damping helps reduce low-speed impacts from bumps and rocks, giving you superior handling in more challenging trail conditions. With the combination of shock absorbers and compression damping, riders can push their ATVs beyond traditional boundaries while maintaining control and precision.

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Types Of ATV Suspensions

When it comes to selecting the best suspension for your Kawasaki ATV, there are many options available. The type of suspension you choose will ultimately depend on the type of ride you want to enjoy. Below is a breakdown of some of the most popular types of ATV suspensions on the market at the moment.

Long-Travel Suspension

Long-travel suspensions are the cutting edge of ATV technology. They provide more inches of travel than stock damping rod-type suspensions and offer improved bracket lift capabilities, often providing several inches of lift. Long-travel suspension systems also offer weight savings over their traditional counterparts while still providing ultimate comfort on rough terrain.

When opting for a long-travel suspension system, you benefit from features like sensitive damping which ensures that your wheels remain firmly planted on the ground. In addition, many long-travel suspension kits come with hydraulic preload adjuster upgrades that make it easier to fine-tune your ride quality depending on conditions.

Short-Travel Suspension

Short-travel suspensions offer several advantages for ATV riders that long-travel suspensions don’t. Ride height can be drastically improved with a short-travel suspension, resulting in better ground clearance and maneuverability. Additionally, this type of suspension helps keep the steering wheel at a comfortable angle while providing stability on rough terrain.

Another benefit often overlooked is aesthetics. Many ATVs come standard with painted aluminum wheels that look great with a short-travel suspension’s low profile stance. Plus, with its lighter wet weight compared to longer suspension setups, you get improved acceleration and handling performance, perfect when riding off-road or on tight trails!

Independent Suspension

An independent suspension offers a variety of advantages for those seeking the best performance from their Kawasaki ATV. With an independent suspension, engine braking is smoother and more consistent, allowing you to take advantage of its twin engines' power band. 

Plus, by keeping all four wheels in full ground contact at all times, it helps maintain stability on uneven surfaces while providing superior passenger comfort. In addition to increased stability and better engine braking, an independent suspension can be adjusted with either soft or firm settings depending on your needs. This allows you to customize the rear brake levers and cargo racks for maximum efficiency when riding over rough terrain.

Solid Axle Suspension

A solid axle suspension is a great option for many Kawasaki ATVs, including the Kawasaki Teryx KRX. This type of suspension provides riders with enhanced stability when navigating rough terrain and helps ensure that the vehicle can carry heavy loads such as those found on rear racks. Additionally, this type of suspension helps protect the automotive paint from damage due to vibrations caused by uneven terrain.

Kawasaki's Lakota model features a solid axle suspension system which has been developed in partnership with Dixon Kawasaki Racing Team. The team has tested the system extensively and has determined it offers superior performance compared to other types of suspensions available for ATV vehicles. Furthermore, this setup allows drivers to customize their ride depending on their specific needs, whether they're looking for increased stability or more speed.

Benefits Of Upgrading Your ATV Suspension

Upgrading your ATV suspension is a great way to improve the performance and overall ride of your vehicle. Through improved shock mount, damping rod type forks, rear suspension components, and hi-performance springs, you can make sure that your four-wheeler is equipped with all the best components on the market. 

Here are some benefits of upgrading your suspension system:

  • Improved stability when driving over rough terrain: By replacing stock shocks with an inch shock or race tech suspension system, you enjoy more control while riding off-road.
  • Enhanced comfort during long rides: Installing new fork springs helps reduce fatigue by providing better cushioning when hitting bumps in the road.
  • Increased power for faster acceleration: With a higher quality suspension setup, you have access to increased torque which allows for quicker acceleration from start-up. This can help you gain momentum on challenging climbs.
  • Smoother handling on sharp turns: A good suspension provides superior cornering capabilities and allows for a tighter turning radius without compromising speed.

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Popular ATV Suspension Brands

When it comes to finding the best suspension for your Kawasaki ATV, many riders turn to popular brands. From shocks and struts to springs, these trusted companies offer reliable options that support your vehicle’s performance and longevity. 

Fox Racing Shox

Fox Racing Shox has been around since 1977, offering aftermarket shock absorbers designed specifically for off-road racing vehicles. Their products are known for their quality construction and durability, making them great long-term investments for your ATV.

Elka Suspension

Elka Suspension offers state-of-the-art suspensions with adjustable damping capabilities. This allows you to customize how your bike handles different terrain as you ride, giving you more control over the experience. Elka also features unique designs which enable superior rider comfort and better riding stability.

Walker Evans Racing

Walker Evans Racing is another company that specializes in high-performance suspension systems made just for ATVs. They provide excellent handling ability on all types of terrain, from sand dunes to mud holes. Plus, they come preloaded with race settings so you can get right out onto the track without any hassle or delay!


Finally, QuadBoss makes high-end suspensions built tough enough to stand up against whatever mother nature throws at them while being comfortable enough for extended trail rides. If you’re looking for top-notch protection but don’t want to sacrifice comfort then QuadBoss might be the brand you should choose when shopping around for an ATV suspension system.

Customize Your Kawasaki ATV

Customizing your ATV is a rite of passage in the off-road world and essential if you want to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable ride. At Perfex Industries, we recognize the importance of modifying your ATV to fit your needs, which is why we offer a wide range of ATV accessories to help you create the perfect vehicle. From suspension lift kits to skid plates, we have everything you need. 

If you are looking to customize your Kawasaki ATV, we stock parts for the following makes:

Customize your Kawasaki ATV

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