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Should you Snorkel your ATV? | Pros and Cons

Should you Snorkel your ATV? | Pros and Cons

There is a reason why all-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are called what they are. They are designed to withstand the challenges of tricky terrains with ease. However, in some cases, modifications need to be made in order to ensure that these vehicles are as safe as possible, particularly when they are being used in conditions and on terrains that are different from the dirt tracks that they are normally driven on. Water is one such terrain. In order to safely and seamlessly drive your ATV through water, you will need to make certain modifications. 


What is ATV snorkeling?

Snorkeling an ATV is all about preparing it to perform in water. As ATVs do not generally wade through deep water, they are not necessarily built to be able to withstand it. This means that when they do come into contact with larger bodies of water, they are prone to sustain damage and stall, which can be dangerous. 

Drivers install a snorkel kit to their vehicle in order to provide the engine with a continuous supply of fresh air, and protect certain important elements within the structure of the car. Without a snorkel installed onto your ATV, you are leaving your vehicle vulnerable to damage and malfunctions, which is the last thing you want when you are enjoying an exhilarating trail

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What does a snorkel do to an ATV?

A snorkel on an ATV works in a fairly similar way to the everyday snorkel that most people are familiar with. Just as a swimming snorkel is a tube that allows fresh air to get to your mouth, an ATV snorkel is a pipe that gets fresh air to the engine. 

While you can easily block off the engine in order to prevent water from coming in, you still need fresh air to enter it in order to allow combustion to occur, as this is what gives the engine its power. The snorkel works allows air access to the engine, while ensuring that too much water doesn’t get in. 


When and why you should snorkel your ATV

You only need to install a snorkel product onto your ATV if you regularly drive through fairly deep water. Going through a deep puddle every now and again does not call for a snorkel. However, if your vehicle is consistently exposed to high levels of water, then you will need to install a professional snorkel kit on your ATV. 

There are people who, while using their ATV on a regular basis for work or recreational purposes, often come into contact with a lot of water. These people need to invest in a snorkel. For example, farmers often use ATVs to help them on their farms. These vehicles are different from those that are used on dirt tracks or on public roads. They are work vehicles, and farmers need them to get to remote places. They therefore need snorkels in order to allow them to travel through rivers, lakes, and other water bodies that may be present on their property.

You should also snorkel your vehicle if you’re a hardcore ATV driver. While most regular ATV drivers who take their vehicles out onto dirt roads and adrenaline-fueled tracks will not need a snorkel, installing one will open you up to unique ATV experiences. Many regular ATV riders use their vehicle to explore hidden parts of the world that are off the beaten track. These often come with wet terrains that are impossible to traverse without a snorkel.


Pros of snorkeling an ATV

Making a decision on anything ATV-related can be overwhelming, as there is so much information out there. If you are looking to snorkel your ATV, reviews are the best place to begin, as they will acquaint you with the pros and cons of such an undertaking. 

Snorkeling helps avoid water damage 

The main benefit of installing an ATV snorkel kit is the protection it provides against water. If you know that you are going to be taking your vehicle through wet terrains, then it is certainly worth the investment. If you fail to snorkel your ATV, there is a high likelihood that you will end up damaging the interiors of your vehicle, which will subsequently cost you a lot of money in repairs. Snorkeling can help you avoid these repair costs and save money.

Snorkeling helps increase power 

This is an added bonus that comes with installing an ATV snorkel. Although the snorkel is designed for use in water, its main job is to improve airflow to the engine, which it will do whether in or out of the water. 

This increased airflow provides the ATV with additional power even when it is out of the water. Therefore, the benefits of a snorkel kit go beyond its waterborne benefits. Snorkeling provides you with a smoother, more consistent ride when you are on land, thanks to the extra power it provides your engine. 

Snorkeling increases your opportunities for ATV fun

Because an ATV with a snorkel lets you tackle more terrains than a regular ATV, it means that you are not restricted to riding on trails or flat road surfaces. You can take your ATV virtually anywhere when you have a snorkel attached. 

There are some areas of the world, which are not too hard to get to, but feel inaccessible because you do not have the correct vehicle to get you there. However, with a snorkel-fitted ATV, you will easily be able to reach these otherwise hard-to-reach places. The opportunities that you are afforded when your ATV can ride through deep water, make snorkeling worth it.  


Cons of snorkeling an ATV

In addition to the list of benefits that are associated with having an ATV snorkel fitted, there are some disadvantages that you should be aware of. 

Warranty problems 

One of the biggest drawbacks of installing a snorkel to your ATV is the fact that it might make it ineligible for warranty. For example, you may not be able to avail of your insurance policy if your vehicle breaks down and the insurance company discovers that you have installed a snorkel. 

This is due to the fact that ATVs are not technically designed to wade through deep waters. Therefore, by taking your vehicle into territory for which it is not intended, you are going outside the terms and conditions of the policy. If keeping your vehicle under warranty is extremely important to you, you might want to think about alternatives to a snorkel. 

They might be illegal 

In some parts of the world, particularly in some US states, having a snorkel fitted to your ATV is illegal. Although, in most cases, you can use a snorkel-fitted ATV on private property, driving on public land or land owned by another individual in such a vehicle might be illegal. 

In some cases, if you get permission from the land owner to ride, you will be fine, but it is important to check what the local regulations are before making any new installations. This can be a considerable disadvantage as it can restrict your mobility. If you want to travel with your snorkel-fitted ATV, make sure that you familiarize yourself with the ATV rules and regulations of your intended destination.


Does an ATV snorkel affect performance?

Snorkels positively affect your ATV performance by providing more power to your engine. Snorkeling helps you achieve a more powerful and smooth ride. 

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How to snorkel your ATV

Most regular ATVs come with some kind of snorkel attached to the components that need to be snorkeled. However, these pipes do not go very far. If you want to extend them yourself, you will need to buy some PVC piping and attach it to the existing pipes. It is up to you how far you want to take the piping, but this will essentially achieve the same results as any professional snorkel kit. 


What about snorkeling kits?

Snorkeling kits are the best option if you want to have a snorkel installed. Although doing it yourself might be cheaper, a snorkel kit is more secure and simply looks better when attached to your ATV. They are also quicker to install, and you can be sure that they will fit perfectly as they are designed for each individual make and model of vehicle. 


Shop for ATV accessories

ATVs are all about customization. Whether you need to snorkel your ATV for Canada’s terrain or wan to add wheel spacers for a more intense aesthetic, it is important that you personalize your ATV. At Perfex Industries we sell a range of ATV accessories to help you do just that. 

From lift kits to skid plates, we have everything you need for your ATV. We stock accessories from eight of the most popular ATV brands on the market, meaning we have a wide variety of choices depending on the vehicle you are looking to customize. 

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