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What's the Best Suspension for my Polaris ATV?

What's the Best Suspension for my Polaris ATV?

If you own an all-terrain vehicle (ATV), you know just how rough riding can be. ATVs are designed for off-roading, which means they are meant to be driven across rugged landscapes away from roads. In order to be able to handle the bumps that are part of navigating these landscapes, they need to be equipped with good suspension. However, with so many different suspension types and components on the market, it can be difficult to decide on what is best for your vehicle. In this article, we explain everything you need to know about suspensions. 


How important are ATV suspensions for my Polaris?

Using a suspension is highly recommended for the Polaris. In fact, Polaris is often considered an industry leader in suspension, due to the fact that in 2006, the company brought out the Polaris Outlaw, the first-ever sports ATV to come with independent rear suspension. 

A favorite among riders since its launch, this groundbreaking vehicle was considered a revolutionary modification to the already popular Polaris quads. Polaris has, therefore, always been aware of the benefits of adding suspensions to its vehicles. However, there is nothing stopping you from seeking out additional modifications if you want to further improve the suspensions on your vehicle. 

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How does an ATV suspension work?

An ATV suspension works by absorbing the impacts along your ride, and providing you with enough jumps in your car to ensure that you don’t feel the bumps in the road. The way this is achieved is primarily through shock absorbers and springs. 

Shock absorbers work to absorb as much of the impact to your vehicle as possible. Every time you ride over a rock or crash down onto a trail after clearing a jump, your vehicle experiences shocks. Luckily, the full effect of these shocks doesn’t reach your body, as the absorbers take as much of the impact as possible. 

Springs also work to contain the effects of bumps and jumps along the trail, but they aim to improve the movement in your vehicle. Without spring spacers, your vehicle would continuously experience harsh landings, and you would be more likely to injure yourself. 


What are the different parts of an ATV suspension system?

There are multiple parts that make up an ATV suspension system. It is important to understand what they all are, because if you are unhappy with the overall suspension and ride of your vehicle, you can modify the specific elements responsible for your dissatisfaction. This is more convenient and economical than modifying the entire apparatus. 

Here is a list of the main parts of an ATV suspension system:

  • Springs: Springs help to absorb the overall impact experienced by a vehicle. 
  • Wheels: Wheels are actually a part of the entire suspension system, and are the only part that comes into contact with the ground. Your suspension system connects to your wheels in order to provide a smooth ride. 
  • Shock absorbers: Shock absorbers also absorb some of the impact your vehicle experiences on the road. 
  • Rods: Rods are the structural elements that connect the entire system together. They are made from the finest materials as they are designed to last for the entire lifespan of an ATV. 
  • Joints, bearings, and bushings: Joints, bearing shafts, and bushings are the parts that connect the rods to the rest of the suspension. 
  • Frame: This is the part of the system that carries the weight of everything, ensuring that everything is supported and working correctly.

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Which suspension is used in the Polaris ATV?

The Polaris favors rear independent suspension. This form of suspension is ideal for the thrilling off-road driving for which Polaris vehicles are often used. It allows each wheel to move independently. The ATV rear suspension shock is ideal due to the fact that the back of the vehicle usually takes the majority of the impact when riding.

How can an ATV suspension be lowered?

If your suspension is too high, you need to lower the entire system. The best way to do that is by buying custom shock absorbers. Alternatively, you can also adjust your overall ride height by adjusting the preload. 

Raising the preload will leave you with a tighter suspension, stiff shocks, and a high ride height, whereas lowering the preload pressure will loosen your suspension, with the result that you will achieve a lower ride height. 


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