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What are surprising uses for ATVs?

What are surprising uses for ATVs?

The popular conception of ATVs in society is that they are the ultimate off-road vehicle and that they are used by adrenaline seekers. However, contrary to popular beliefs, the utility of ATVs goes beyond the recreational purpose they are known for. Their phenomenal road performance for rough jobs is often eclipsed by its more amusing and entertaining usage. Keep reading to discover surprising uses for ATVs.

What are ATVs?

All-terrain vehicles (ATVs) are a particular type of motorized vehicle that can travel on all types of terrain, whether it be snow, sand, mud, or water. They are a form of recreation enjoyed by many people and for professional purposes. They are often used for transportation due to their ability to conquer any terrain.

Many ATVs come with a built-in vehicle heater for cold winter days, but if yours doesn't, it can be installed at any auto supply store. A great thing about ATVs compared to other off-road vehicles is that they can be modified to suit your needs. Aluminum wheels, lift kits, skid plates, and wheel spacers are only some of the modifications that can be performed on an ATV.

The history of ATVs

Why would someone want an ATV?

The main reason people purchase ATVs is to enjoy increased off-road performance and go on adventures. These compact and sporty machines can take over the steepest of hills and the deepest of trenches. 

Another reason why people invest in ATVs is to engage in physical activity. The first major study on the fitness and health benefits of ATV recreational riding was published five years ago, and the findings are quite remarkable. This study which began in 2007 was extended for a few years by the Faculty of Health of York University. The Government of Nova Scotia even supported the research. In its initial phase, researchers conducted careful investigation across the country to collect data on the average ATV rider. 

The researchers concluded the first phase by dividing ATV riders into six groups: three age classifications of male and female. They then proceeded to install advanced monitoring equipment on their subject pilots, so that physical effects, heart rate, oxygen uptake, muscle fatigue, and exertion could be measured.

The study demonstrated that driving an off-road vehicle requires significant physical effort and that according to the fitness standards of the Canadian government, ATV riding positively influences the health of riders. This applies solely if the driving technique is appropriate.

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7 surprising uses for ATVs

  1. Cleaning up around the farm
  2. Hauling heavy loads
  3. Gardening and landscaping
  4. Save money
  5. Transporting livestock and building supplies
  6. Snowplowing
  7. Hunting
  8. Camping

1. Cleaning up around the farm

The robust power engines of ATVs are commonly employed by those who work in the agricultural sector. Whether they need to haul hay, bring in new plants, or bring outcrops, an ATV is a helpful tool to take care of several hectares. ATVs are also resourceful for cleaning up around your homestead—hauling away debris after storms. Additionally, if one of your livestock flees, ATVs are great to track and bring them back.

2. Hauling heavy loads

ATVs are unique because they often have front and rear suspension which are similar to cars and trucks but they're much lighter. This means that they can easily handle heavy loads without any problems or concerns about damaging the vehicle by overloading it.

3. Gardening and landscaping

ATVs can be used for various tasks in your garden. Some of the most popular uses are spreading compost, adding fertilizer, mulch, and seed, as well as watering to help with the growing process. The strength of these machines can also be used to dislodge tenacious tree roots.

4. Save money

The small build of ATVs makes them more energy-efficient than UTVs or vehicles. Not only do they have more speed and agility on the trails, but they also require less fuel consumption compared to their alternatives.

5. Snowplowing

ATVs are handy tools for plowing snow from your driveway. They're easier than most vehicles to maneuver in tight spaces thanks to their power steering.

6. Hunting 

Hunting is a popular pastime all over the country, but there are plenty of places where hunters can't quickly get in and out of their cars. Even in places where hunters generally have access, they may still find themselves in situations where they don't have easy access to their vehicles—like when they have to bring back a trophy buck on foot!

If you’re into ice fishing, an ATV can also be extremely resourceful. ATVs can be used to get out on the ice, bring all your gear, and carry your catch of the day. It goes without saying that the ice must be thick enough to support the vehicle. 

7. Camping

For outdoors enthusiasts who crave true adventure, an ATV is the ultimate way to bring all your gear out into the wilderness. You can load all your supplies into an ATV cargo box or fender bag, or you can securely strap your stuff onto the front or rear racks. With the right ATV accessories, you can even take a small trailer along.

Customize your ATV 

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