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11 of the Most Extreme ATV World Records

11 of the Most Extreme ATV World Records

ATV riders are known for their spirit of adventure and thirst for adrenaline. As a result, many of these have performed a number of feats. From long-distance rides to jumps from crazy heights, there are very few things that all-terrain vehicle riders haven’t attempted. To demonstrate just how awe inspiring these accomplishments are, we have collected some of our favorite ATV Guinness world records. 


11 insane ATV world records you should be aware of 

Longest journey on an ATV

Valerio De Simoni, Kristopher “Ted” Davant, and James Kenyon are the joint record holders for the longest ever journey on an ATV. The world record was set in 2010 and no one has come close to breaking it since. The three Australians set out for the record-breaking journey on August 10, 2010. They named their quest the Quad Squad Expedition.

The journey lasted 437 days, 19 hours, and 9 minutes in its entirety. It totaled 34,945 miles and allowed the three to see some beautiful sights along the way. They traveled through 37 different countries, starting in Istanbul, Turkey and ending in Sydney, Australia. 

Longest parade of quad bikes

Although the ATV community is a strong one, getting together enough people to break a world record is difficult. Nevertheless, the Rocky Mountain ATV Jamboree from Richfield, Utah managed to get together a group big enough to set a brand new world record for the largest parade of ATVs. This is a record that was set over 10 years ago and has not been broken since. The parade was on the 16th of September, 2009 and began with 1,947 people. However, a few people gave up on the way, leaving the final head count at 1,870.

Longest tandem ramp jump 

Once again, Utah takes center stage for ATV world records. On the 17th of November, 2008, Travis Patrana and Eric Roner got together to break the record for the longest tandem ATV jump. The stunt was performed for the MTV show Nitro Circus and was aired in January 2009. A tandem jump is a jump that involves a primary rider of the ATV and a passenger. This particular record was a ramp jump, during the course of which the two men drove up the ramp in order to gain the traction for their 15.99 m (52 feet), 6 inch jump. 

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Greatest distance cycled in 24 hours on a mountain bike

The record for the greatest distance cycled on a mountain bike in 24 hours goes to Adrian Ellul of Australia. Ellul completed this impressive task overnight from the 9th to the 10th of October, 2015. He was able to travel an amazing 577.78 km, or 359.02 miles, in the space of only 24 hours. In order to complete this challenge, Ellul used a Giant XTC mountain bike, and rode through McLennon Park in Queensland, Australia. 

Greatest distance cycled in 48 hours on a mountain bike

Adrian Ellul holds the record for longest distance traveled in 24 hours on a mountain bike. But who holds the record for the longest distance traveled in 48 hours? Well, that would be Adrian Ellul once again. While he was doing his 24-hour stint, he decided to double the time and see how far he could go in 48 hours. During the entire 48-hour period, Ellul managed to cover a whopping 1,004.41 km, or 624.11 miles. In other words, 426.63 km more than the distance he traveled while breaking the 24-hour record.

Most overhead lifts of a quad bike in one minute

Zydrunas Savickas of Lithuania broke this world record on the television program Lo Show dei Record in Milan. The show focuses on individuals who have broken or are trying to break world records. Mr Savickas was able to lift the quad bike over his head 14 times in the minute he was given. Quite the achievement when you think about how heavy a quad bike is!

Longest motocross bike jump with a backflip

While the longest motocross bike jump was achieved by Robbie Maddison, who jumped 322 feet 7-1/2 inches over the length of a regulation football field, the record for the longest motocross bike jump with a backflip goes to mountain biker Cam Zink. Zink was able to jump 100 feet and three inches for this mammoth backflip. He completed the task at California's Mammoth Mountain Ski Area by descending down a 910-foot approach before gaining his 100-foot backflip jump at speeds of 48 mph.

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Longest wheelie on an ATV

There are a few different subcategories for the longest wheelie on an ATV. People have completed this world record in various ways. For example, you have the record for the ATV wheelie with the most number of people. This involved 17 people squeezing into an unmodified Honda 350 Fourtax ATV. They were able to complete a single wheelie over a distance of 50 meters on the Riverglade Speedway in New Brunswick, Canada. 

Similarly, the longest backwards ATV wheelie was completed by Roger LeBlanc, who was also in the vehicle that broke the record for the wheelie with the most people. He managed to travel 1,579.675 m on his own bike, doing a wheelie along the same New Brunswick highway. 

The longest ATV side wheelie was achieved by Yannick Dupont, a French stuntman who managed an amazing 21.30 miles using only his side wheels. However, the star of the show, the man who managed to break the world record for the longest individual wheelie, is Abdulla Al Hattawi of the UAE. Al Hattawi rode his ATV on its two back wheels for 37.28 miles. In other words, the equivalent of just over 656 football fields. 

Longest ramp jump on a quad bike

Jon Guetter holds the record for the longest ramp jump on a quad bike. He performed the feat in Melbourne, Australia in 2008. The record has remained unbeaten to this day. Guetter jumped 53.92 m (176 ft 11 in) at the Calder Park Raceway. The previous record is held by Matt Coulter who jumped 40,9 meters over 14 Honda CRV vehicles. 

Longest triple wheelie

Roger LeBlanc, undoubtedly the king of wheelies, has yet another world record to his name, namely the longest triple wheelie. This time, he brought his family along, and together, Roger, Madelaine and Dominique LeBlanc achieved the feat. They broke the record on the 12 of November, 2011 traveling 1,217.07 meters.

Fastest ATV Speed 

The record for the fastest ATV speed goes to Terry Wilmeth of Oregon, USA. He was able to get up to speeds of 196.19 miles per hour on his Yamaha 700 Raptor in 2008. 


Customize your ATV 

While there are some truly impressive ATV world records out there, you do not have to jump hundreds of feet in the air or travel at speeds of just under 200 miles per hour to have a good time with your vehicle. ATV riding is all about finding what works for you, so that you can enjoy the ride. A key way to achieve this is to customize your ATV. 

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