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What are the pros and cons of an ATV lift kit?

What are the pros and cons of an ATV lift kit?

As soon as you buy an ATV, you will want to customize it with accessories that suit your needs and style. One of the most popular accessories installed on ATVs is a lift kit. Lift kit accessories offer a whole range of different benefits which suit the needs of riders perfectly.

However, that does not mean that an ATV lift kit is for everyone, and there are some drawbacks to it, so it is important to understand the pros and cons of an ATV lift kit. Keep reading to discover everything you need to know about lift kits, and if you should be looking at other accessories to elevate your ATV riding experience.

What is a lift kit?

A lift kit is a modification installed on off-road vehicles that lift a vehicle's body from the ground. It is a popular accessory added to many ATV vehicles specifically due to the additional performance benefits that it provides.

There are a few different types of lift kits, gear lift kits, moose lift kits, and solid lift kits, all of which do similar jobs, but in slightly different ways, prioritizing different things. The lift kit you get will depend on what you are looking to achieve and the area of your ATV you want to alter. It is important to do some research related to the vehicle you have to determine which lift kit will work best for your vehicle.

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Why you should lift your ATV

The main reason most people invest in lift kits is due to the additional ground clearance they afford. They ensure that you can go out on treacherous terrain and be confident in the fact that you can achieve the fender clearance you need to safely drive off-road.

Apart from the additional safety it affords, which is the main reason people purchase lift kits, it also accentuates the aesthetic of the vehicle. The mounted look that ATV lifts provide allows the body of the vehicle to sit higher which achieves a more intimidating ATV look. It also lets you add wheel spacers and larger tires to further customize your vehicle.

What are the pros of an ATV lift kit?

Here are the pros of installing an ATV lift kit:

  • Extra clearance
  • Bigger wheels
  • Better aesthetics
  • Increased visibility

Extra clearance

The extra ground clearance that you get with an ATV lift kit is the main reason why people choose to install them. When the body of the vehicle is lifted, you prevent issues that might otherwise arise. When the bottom of the vehicle is low to the ground, it is more likely to catch on obstacles and rubble that are common on off-road terrain.

When low to the ground, the key components of the vehicle can be ripped out, pierced, and damaged, which is not only dangerous but can cost you a lot of money to fix. Thankfully, by installing a lift kit, you avoid these issues and ensure your vehicle is safer to ride.

Bigger wheels

With a vehicle body that is higher off the ground, you have more space to install bigger tires. Bigger tires are something that most ATV riders want due to the additional durability it affords your vehicle. The bigger the tire, the more intense terrain it can deal with, allowing you to make the most of the exhilarating courses around. Bigger tires can also deal with a more varied array of weather conditions, meaning you will not have to limit your ATV riding to the warm and dry summer months.

Better aesthetics

Additional elevation and bigger wheels bring with them a better aesthetic. The ATV community is one that prides itself on impressive vehicles, and that is exactly what you can achieve with an ATV lift kit. A lift, along with any other ATV modification allows you to customize your vehicle in a way that suits your style, so you can feel comfortable and confident riding your vehicle.

Increased visibility

As you are higher off the ground on a vehicle that has a lift kit installed, you can inevitably see better. The additional height that you achieve with a lift kit ensures that your visibility is ideal for navigating the tumultuous terrain of off-road trails. When the body is raised, so is your seating position which gives you a better vantage point, putting you in a better position to accurately survey your surroundings and make safer driving decisions.

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What are the cons of an ATV lift kit?

Although there are numerous pros to installing an ATV lift kit, to make an educated decision it is important to understand some of the cons that come with an ATV lift kit

Here are the cons of an ATV lift kit:

  • Installation
  • Cost
  • Use more fuel


Installation is one of the biggest drawbacks of purchasing a lift kit due to the skill and commitment required. You need to know exactly what you are doing to ensure it is fitted safely. To do so, you’ll need to dedicate some time and patience.

You also need to fully understand the intricacies of your vehicle. For example, if you are installing a super ATV long travel lift kit, the specifications will be different from that of a leveling lift kit or suspension lift kit. You need to make sure you are buying compatible lift kits that match your vehicle.


Lift kits are not cheap, so if you are on a tight budget, buying a lift kit can wait. Since ATVs are expensive in the first place, the additional cost of a lift kit can set you back. Thankfully, lift kits can be installed at any time!

Use more fuel

A similar issue to the cost of buying the lift kit is the cost it takes to run your ATV after you mount on your vehicle as it increases fuel use. The lift kit is a piece of gear that makes your vehicle heavier, therefore forcing your engine to use more fuel. 

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Personalize your ATV

Personalizing your ATV is a rite of passage, and you will be hard-pressed to find anyone in the ATV community whose ATV is not modified with accessories. It is an important part of owning an ATV as it allows your style and personality to shine through your vehicle. 

Some of the most popular accessories that riders like to add are things such as lift kits and other modes of suspension, wheel spacers, huge tires, and skid plates. Whilst some accessories are used for purely aesthetic purposes, others are used for more practical purposes to elevate the riding experience.

Our products ensure that you end up with the vehicle of your dreams as the modifications and personalization that we offer create outstanding ATVs. We cater to a wide variety of vehicles and set our prices at a competitive rate to make personalization attainable for everyone. If personalizing your vehicle is something you are interested in, browse our large range of ATV accessories.

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