Polaris RZR lift kits & accessories

PERFEX Industries is proud to offer a variety of lift kits for your Polaris RZR ATV! We only have the best of the best when it comes to accessories for your all terrain vehicle as well as the best brands in lift kits. Whether you use it for work, pleasure or both, we are confident that you will find what you're looking for. We offer a lift kit that fits every budget: economic and reliable kits or premium products!



About our Polaris RZR lift kits

Each of our Polaris RZR lift kits comes with all the necessary tools and hardware such as bracket lift, gear lift, detailed instruction, and a limited lifetime warranty. For example our 2" Lift Kit POLARIS RZR 900 50" (2015-2022) comes with the following : 

  • (2) Front heavy duty lift brackets;
  • (4) Heavy duty Rear lift brackets;
  • (1) All necessary zinc plated hardware;
  • (1) Installation instructions (hassle-free, bolt-on install for a clean install);
  • (1) PERFEX sticker;

It's time to boost your lift game and your lift height as you can now lift in style!

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Advantages to Lifting a Polaris RZR ATV

Higher Body Clearance

Higher body clearance allows off-road vehicles to travel through rougher terrain without getting stuck. For those who use ATVs to work around their yards or farms, having higher ground clearance allows them to travel over more land than if they had lower ground clearance. An ATV with a raised front end helps you get through snow better because the clearance makes it easier for you to go over the snow.

Larger Tires

Large tires have so many benefits for ATVs that can be applied to them. When driving over rough terrain, it helps if you give more surface area to the ground so that you can feel it better. It helps keep you safe when driving in bad weather and enhances your climbing ability.


Things to look out for when Lifting a Polaris RZR ATV

There are many benefits to lifting an ATV, but there are still a few elements you have to be wary about!

May Compromise the Warranty

If you're not sure whether your ATV has an extended warranty, check with the manufacturer. Before you consider applying an aftermarket lift kit to your ATVs, check the warranty. It could void the warranty and render you ineligible for any warranty claim. If the warranty is no longer valid, it may be wise to contact the manufacturer of the ATV to see if they will cover the cost of installing a lift kit. 

Can increase stress on internal bearings and axles

You might be worried about the impact a lift system can have on the rest of your ATVs parts. Installing a lift kit to an off-road vehicle, if not done properly or with the wrong RZR lift kit, may cause extra stress on its bearings and axles. This could potentially cause severe and permanent damage. If you're planning to install a lift kit on an older ATV, you should check whether doing so would be detrimental to the vehicle's performance.

If you have any questions about Polaris RZR lift kits, please reach out! We'll be happy to help you!

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What are Lift Kits?

Lift kits are after-market components and equipment used to raise a ride height off the ground to give you more ground clearance. These are not manufactured by a car manufacturer; they're made by companies that specialize in producing additional parts for different cars. Before, people used their own lift kit designs with varying degrees of success. Most kits these days come from reputable manufacturers who design the shape and size of the kit to fit specific vehicles, making them safer and more stable.

What are the Two Most Common Types of Lift Kits?

A lift kit usually consists of either a body kit or suspension kit. Each of these works in a different way and produces very different results. If you're thinking about installing a lift kit in your vehicle, be sure to carefully consider both options and the results you want to achieve in the end. You should also check with your local or state or provincial laws regarding the type of kit you're using and whether there are any limitations on how high they may be able to raise your vehicle.


Body Lift Kits

Body kits are one of the most common and simple types of lift kits. To understand how these works, you need to understand the design and construction of vehicles. Most vehicles today use an “over body” construction. A frame is the foundation of a vehicle. On top of the frame, the body of the vehicle is placed and attached.

A person who uses a body lift kit physically takes off the car's body from its frame and then installs the blocks or spacings of the kit between them Once the frame is removed, the body is then reattached using longer bolts and the kit props the body up away from the frame. There are no changes made to the suspension or any other mechanical systems of the car.


Pros and Cons of Body Lift Kits

Body lift kits are typically the cheapest option and create extra space for bigger wheels and tires on trucks and SUVs. These kits are commonly found on off-road vehicles when a person wants to have larger tires for tackling rougher terrain. Since the lift kit is installed between the body and frame of the vehicle, there is a gap that can be seen on many vehicles.

If you want to hide the visibility of your frame, you can use items called "gap guards" to help cover up the frame. However, these are an added expense and may not be necessary. Raising the body can move the center of gravity for a car or truck higher, which could seriously affect how well it drives. It’s important to note that a body lift kit cannot raise the vehicle by more than one to three inches total, so there’s a fixed limit on its effectiveness.


Suspension Lift Kits

On the other hand, with suspension lift kits, the entire vehicle is raised off the axles and wheels of the vehicle, making it easier for the vehicle to handle rough terrain. They physically increase the height of a vehicle's suspension system, by using different methods, raising the car's frame and body. It depends on the overall design and mechanics of the suspension and mechanical system of the vehicle. Because suspension lift kits are usually more complicated than body lift kits, they tend to cost more and require more time and effort to install.


Pros and Cons of Suspension Lift Kits

The greatest advantage of an aftermarket suspension lift kit is that it has virtually no limits on how high it can lift a vehicle. A suspension lift kit can increase the clearance of your vehicle by up to a foot or more giving you plenty of clearance. Because the entire vehicle is lifted off the ground, not only the body but also the chassis, which is attached to the body, is raised off the frame. As a result, the handling of a pickup truck is not usually impaired. However, some suspension kits can actually improve performance.

They're more expensive than coilovers and because they can involve changes to your car's mechanical systems, they may be complicated to install (and if they aren't installed properly, they could damage your suspension). They can also wear out over time, so they might need to be repaired or even replaced. These repairs can make routine maintenance potentially costlier. Greater heights can also cause a vehicle to be difficult to get into and out of, and sometimes a stabilizer is needed to prevent vehicles from rolling over too easily.

As the seasons change, purchasing an All-Terrain vehicle, otherwise known as an all-terrain vehicle, is becoming increasingly popular. You can use ATVs for both work and play. For this reason, people often lift their ATVs to make their ATVs better suited to the specific work or activities they need them for.

Lifting an ATVs can bring the benefits of increased ground clearance, which is good for those who need to get their vehicles through rocky or rough terrain. Lifting an ATVs can also bring negative consequences such as a higher center-of-gravity, making it easier for it to roll or flip.

There are other consequences besides weight loss, both positive and negative, that can be caused by lifting your ATV for weight loss purposes. 


Why You Should Lift Your Polaris RZR

Many people use their ATVs for recreational purposes, but they're also useful tools for working on the farm. There are some real uses for an ATV (all terrain vehicle). Some use their ATV’s for snow plowing during winter or as a weed killing assistant during summer. There are also the less obvious uses for ATVs, such as camping and fishing. You can use one to play games and to help you move things and people around as well. ATVs are great at pulling, winching, or hauling.

Lifting an ATVs can be useful for fun activities like pulling people on a sled in the winter, but they're also good for helping out in the yard, the farm, or anywhere else you might need them. An ATV has a lot of advantages, including its power and versatility. Plenty of farmers and regular homeowners have an ATV as part of their all-in-ones vehicles. With add-ons like a lawnmower, plow, rake, and seeder, an ATV is a huge help for those people who let their ATV live up to its potential

Many of an ATV's uses are listed, so it may be obvious to someone why lifting an ATV would be a great way to help with the yard or farm labor. Adding more ground clearance makes ATVs even more popular among those who love them. If you live in an area where snow packs up really tall or if you plan to use your ATV through muddy or wet conditions, having extra ground clearance will be beneficial.

Some people also like the idea of being able to get more traction on the ground because they think that bigger wheels will provide better traction. Larger wheels and tyres can only be fitted to an ATV that has been lifted because the extra height creates additional space. Traction can be helpful in many different ways, including during work and play.

As previously mentioned, if you lift an ATV too often, it may cause you some health issues. Many people are holding themselves back from lifting their ATVs because they think there are too many drawbacks to doing so. One of the biggest disadvantages is the increased center of gravity. This causes disproportion while turning or going off roading that is felt most strongly when turning or going off road. If you aren't careful, this higher center-of-gravity can cause the ATV more easily to roll.

Aside from the potential damage it could cause to your ATV and the cost of repairing it, lifting any vehicle is costly. Some people may choose to install the lift kits themselves, which can take a long time.