PERFEX INDUSTRIES INC. Skid Plates and Lift Kits

Need to upgrade your suspension/ground clearance? Or do you need some heavy-duty protection? At PERFEX Industries, we have what you need. And we are proud to say that all of our premium products are made in Canada!


Learn more about the Polaris Ranger Lift Kit Options

 Our lift kit parts are made to the highest standards and won't compromise ride quality

Give your Polaris ranger the extra ground clearance you need to ride better than ever before. Handle more rugged terrain and fit larger tires with a top-of-the-line durable lift kit for a Polaris Ranger from Perfex Industries.

Our front and rear suspension components will help you to raise your Ranger to avoid those trail hitting points and let you ride in style.

All our Ranger lift kits are direct bolt-on and backed by a lifetime warranty.

Why should you install a lift kit on your Polaris Ranger?

Whether you want to install tall tires or just improve your ride height and ride quality, a lift kit is the upgrade your Ranger needs!

Make an investment in your Polaris Ranger that you won't regret! A good lift kit is what you need to take on the harsh terrain that you want to on your next adventure. Don't shy away from a challenge because you can't clear the ground ever again! There are many reasons why a lift kit is a worthwhile investment for your Polaris Ranger.

More ground clearance makes your Polaris Ranger more durable

With the additional lift height from a Polaris Ranger Lift Kit there's no limit to where your ATV can go

Riding over a nice level road is easy, but for those using their Ranger in rocky or muddy terrains, or in areas with many rocks, extra clearance is essential to avoid bottoming out. There is nothing worse than hitting a rock and damaging your skid plate simply because you are too low.

Lift kits are great products for those who do not want to change the stock suspensions and refuse to compromise on reliability. Perfex's products are a great way to create space for aftermarket tires and maximize your Ranger's power for a more comfortable ride.

Better visibility on the road when riding your Polaris Ranger for maximum performance

Several more inches of ground clearance gives the Ranger driver better visibility on the road, allowing him to see other cars but also letting other vehicles see him! ATV lift kits are an excellent way to prevent accidents and collisions.

Make all the heads turn with a lifted Polaris Ranger

Nothing beats the looks you get when riding a lifted all-terrain vehicle. The right lift kit gives your Ranger the aggressive look you are looking for, and the power to go where others cannot thanks to better ground clearance and larger wheels!

What Polaris ranger models can be fitted with our lift kits?

No matter the Polaris Ranger model you want to lift, we have the lift kit options you need at Perfex Industries! We have lift kits that will fit the following models:

  • Ranger 400
  • Ranger 500
  • Ranger 570
  • Ranger 570 Mid-Size
  • Ranger 600
  • Ranger 700
  • Ranger 700 HD
  • Ranger 700 XP
  • Ranger 700 XP LE
  • Ranger 800 HD
  • Ranger 800 CREW
  • Ranger 800 4x4 EPS
  • Ranger 900
  • Ranger 1000 XP
  • Ranger 1000 XP CREW
  • Ranger 1000 Premium

And many more! Do not hesitate to reach out to Perfex Industries for your specific needs. Our experts will be happy to provide you with the right lift kits for your ATV if we have it in stock!

How to install our lift kits on your Polaris Ranger?

Installing new suspensions is a task that requires good knowledge and a fair bit of experience, and ATV lift kits are no different. However, we at Perfex Industries believe in creating a simple and efficient product that is both fast and easy to install on your Polaris Ranger. For those with the confidence and the skills to work with tie rods and a shock mount, our Ranger lift kits can be installed in less than an hour.

All our Polaris Ranger lift kits are sold with a PDF containing all the installation instructions to avoid improper installation.


What other accessories are offered for Polaris Rangers?

Perfex Industries is proud to be a one-stop shop of ATV lift kits and aftermarket accessories, both in the United States and Canada. We manufacture reliable, bulletproof strength lift kits for all the large ATV & UTV brands in North America.

You bought a bracket lift kit for your Polaris Ranger and are looking for additional hardware? Why not take a look at our Polaris Wheel Spacers . Available in thicknesses ranging from 1 to 2 inches, we offer wheel spaces compatible with most Ranger models, such as the full-size 570, the Ranger 800 and the Ranger XP 900/1000. Made out of durable aluminum, our wheel spacers are fast and easy to install thanks to a direct bolt-on application (it can be done in less than an hour).