Wheel spacers are for everyone that needs to position their wheels further outward for a more aggressive look, better stability or just to keep their factory width after lifting their vehicle.


Check out our large selection of 1", 1.5" or 2" wheel spacers.


What are wheel spacers?

The wheel spacer was designed to extend wheel width for greater stability, increased safety and a more aggressive look. It will be installed onto your wheel assembly. By slotting between the assembly and the wheel, it will create a gap that sets the wheel farther outward. This increases the space between the wheel hub assembly and the wheel itself. It's important to note that the spacer doesn't move the assembly, it only moves the wheel.


Why install wheel spacers on your ATV?

There are many reasons why installing front and rear-wheel spacers can improve your ATV and its performances in different conditions.

Spacers increase your ATV's clearance for a bigger ATV wheel

Wheel spacers are an efficient way to create space for bigger wheels on your ATV. Running with bigger tires may lead to contacts with other parts of your ATV like the fender, brake lines, or suspension parts. Running your vehicle with the tire in contact with anything but the rim and the ground can cause damages to other pieces of your ATV. 

Increased stability when riding on rough terrains or slopes

A wider wheelbase gives you better stability and prevents your ATV from rolling over to its side after a collision or on a slope. 

Give you the clearance you need to install tire chains

It isn't uncommon to have clearance issues when installing tire chains: the chains end up hitting brake lines, inner fenders, sometimes even the suspension. One or two inches of extra clearance should be enough to use tire chains without breaking any other pieces of equipment. 

Your vehicle will look better than ever thanks to ATV wheel spacers

In our opinion, nothing beats the look of an ATV with larger wheels. The wheel spacing gives the all-terrain vehicle a more aggressive profile and better performances: what more can you ask for?


Are ATV wheel spacers safe?

Definitely! If properly installed, high-quality ATV and/or UTV wheel spacers are very safe. Each spacer provides a balanced, OEM-quality fit without looseness or vibration. Crafted on a high precision CNC machine, from rock solid 6061 T6 Aluminum Alloy Billet, our wheel spacers will be high strength, extremely durable, low weight and free of corrosion. Combine this with some super solid grade 12.9 wheel studs, and you have a spacer that it was built to last. 

Perfex's quality wheel spacers are perfectly safe as long as they’re installed carefully. Each pair of wheel spacers comes with all you need for a direct bolt-on application and come with a limited 90-day warranty on manufacturer default. Make sure to use the provided wheel lug nuts, wheel studs, and bolts. If you plan to use them for a long time period, make sure to check them occasionally to ensure their condition.


Are ATV wheel spacers expensive?

Good quality ATV wheel spacers can become expensive, but they stay way more affordable than buying new rims! All the spacers sold by Perfex Industries are made out of durable aluminum and have a price point below $80 per pair. Even better, the installation is one of the easiest of any products in the industry.

At the end of the day, are spacers worth it?

Wheels spacers can be very useful, and are an affordable option if you are looking to install bigger tires and increase your stability. They have some drawbacks, of course, but at their price point and considering the advantages they bring to ATV drivers, we believe that our quality products are a great investment. With all the necessary hardware included (wheel studs, bolts, placers), you can rest assured that the spacers will last for a long time and won’t have clearance issues.


Does Perfex Industries have ATV tire spacers for every brand?

Perfex Industries manufactures top-of-the-line ATV wheel spacers for all major all-terrain vehicles in North America. With the objective of offering a great experience to our clients, all of our tire spaces are direct bolt-on, so installing them can be done in less than an hour. Made out of durable aluminum, our spacers are the best choice for anyone looking to improve the stability and increase the clearance of their ATV.

We have wheel spacers for the following ATV brands: 


Things to keep in mind when shopping for ATV wheel spacers

Spacer installation makes your ATV larger than before - Should I get 1-inch wheel spacers? 2-inch wheel spacers?

The installation of wheel spacers and larger tires will make your ATV larger than before. Wider spacers might prevent you from using some of the trails and might make storing and transporting your ATV a little less convenient. We recommend you measure equipment such as your trailer and your garage to see what spacer size would be best.