Optimize Your CFMoto UForce Experience


Explore PERFEX Industries' specialized collection for CFMoto UForce models. Our accessories are designed to enhance both the utility and thrill of your UForce adventures.


Tailored Lift Kits for Enhanced Capability

Our custom lift kits for UForce 500, 600, 800, and 1000 models guarantee improved performance and a smooth ride.


Bright LED Bars for Clear Night Vision

Light up your trails with our powerful LED bars, crafted for longevity and superior lighting.


Wheel Spacers for Better Stability and Style

Enhance the stance and stability of your UForce with our precision-engineered wheel spacers.


Robust Synthetic Winch Cables for Tough Pulls

Be prepared for any challenge with our durable synthetic winch cables, ensuring reliability in demanding situations.


Quality and Reliability in Every Product

At PERFEX, we are committed to providing UForce owners with high-quality, functional accessories that combine style and practicality. Elevate your UForce's capabilities with our trusted products.